SYTYCD Top 6 Results Thoughts (Finale Part II)

It hasn’t been a terribly long time since the season began (or since Season 5, for that matter), but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been rabidly looking forward to tonight’s finale show.

My thoughts, as they happen…

-Love watching each of the Top 6 talk a little and then say, “I wanna win.” Anybody else think Kathryn being last is prophetic? ;”) Anybody else hope that it will be prophetic?

-AWESOME group routine! It reminded me a bit of last season’s Nappytabs/Dmitry group number and a bit of the “one” routine from Chorus Line. Both of which I loved, so I’m happy. One of the highlights in the routine, for me, is seeing Peter again. I LOVE the Top 6 entrance and that they’re the last ones standing at the end. Perfect.

-Cat says that the beginning of the season seems like only yesterday… yeah, no kidding…

-6 judges on the panel tonight: Lil C, Tyce, Debbie, Adam, Mary and Nigel. It’s good to see Lil C, Tyce and Debbie again, but it doesn’t have the same feeling it did in previous seasons when they participated, as judges and choreographers. Debbie didn’t choreography this season. Did Lil C? I can’t remember. John says once, he thinks. Tyce did, I know. But it doesn’t feel the same as it usually does at this point. Still, it’s great to see them again. I miss Mia up there, of course.

-I’m liking the Avatar connection. Wonder if people who don’t normally watch SYTYCD will who will watch tonight for that, for the Zoe Saldana/Sigourny Weaver stuff, for the footage and the theme song.

-Cat mentions the upcoming auditions for Season 7, but STILL no mention of the Season 6 tour. What’s going on here?

-The judges’ favorites begin. Lil C picks the Russell, Legacy and Kevin routine from the Meet the Top 20 show. Not one of my favorites, but it’s fun.

-Adam picks the “Tore My Heart” Oona - Tore My Heart - Single - Tore My Heart Sonya routine with Ellenore and Jakob. Now, this IS one of my favorites. Love seeing this again.

-Nigel picks the tappers routine from the Meet the Top 20 show. Again, not my favorite from even that one night. It was nice to see the tappers, of course. But I wonder what it means that there are already two favorites from the Meet the Top 20, before the competition even began.

-Mary picks… a new routine? Whaaa? The DiLillos perform a jive they choreographed. While it’s fun and great to see them dance together in their style, I have two thoughts. A) This new routine took away a spot that could’ve been for an actual favorite from this seaosn. B) The DiLillos must be going home first. C) Subtle song choice with “Straight to…Number One” Touch & Go - I Find You Very Attractive - Straight To... Number One. At least they have a sense of humor. 🙂

-Leona Lewis performs the Avatar them, “I See You” Leona Lewis - Avatar (Music from the Motion Picture) - I See You (Theme from Avatar). I’m so not a Leona Lewis fan. I’m not a Celine Dion fan, either, but I could always see how “My Heart Will Go On” Céline Dion - My Love (Ultimate Essential Collection) - My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from "Titanic") was so popular. This is awful. At least there’s Avatar footage in the background. That’s really nice, at least. I keep hoping J.Lo will come out on stage and show Leona Lewis how to sing. By taking the mic by force.

-Man, I hope Cat doesn’t have to say all the Top 6’s names over and over through the show. That sounded like it was tough.

-The Groovaloos are coo. The girl reminds me of Tabitha. Anybody else?

-Nigel picks the Kathryn and Jakob contemporary from last night. I’m on board with that. LOOOVE this routine. Makes me wonder what his choice was before last night, though. 🙂

-Tyce picks Mollee and Nathan’s Bollywood. It’s good to see it, for sure, but I dunno about favorite… You can see how Mollee has grown, I think, though I don’t know if Nathan demonstrates as much growth in this early routine. Did they change up the end with him just handing her the sword? Nathan seemed a bit wobbly at the end.

-Technical difficulties? We can’t hear Cat. Then, I swear I hear her say, “Mia!” and I’m excited, thinking that Mia’s making a guest appearance to announce HER favorite routine from the season. But no, Russell is injured and is supported on stage by Ryan.

-Who gets eliminated first. It’s quick. Quick because it’s hard for Russell to stand? He’s a stand up guy and continues to support Russell as he’s eliminated. Good guy.

-Love watching Adam Lambert perform. This feels like sacrilege to say, but I think I’d rather watch more dancing, though…

-A recap of Season 6. Pretty cool. We’ve come a long way in a short time. This is a nice reminder.

-Cat brings everybody on stage again and jokes, “It’s amazing what some people will do for a stool.” Lol. Nobody says how he got injured, but I suspect it might’ve been that leap from the stage in the hip hop with Legacy and Kevin earlier.

-Ashleigh’s #5. I think she saw this coming when Ryan was eliminated. You could see it on her face a little. So far, my predictions are correct.  This seems right to me.

-Adam picks the Ellenore and Legacy Travis Wall “dangerous routine.” Yay for Adam’s picks! He’s doing a great job, cause this is one of my absolute favorites.

-Debbie picks the “frog dance” with Noelle and Russell, which I’m also pretty pleased about, even if we don’t get to see it live since Russell’s injured.

-Ellenore is #4. She’s gorgeous and I love that Sonya says “love you” from the audience. I love Ellenore. Amanda texts me from the Kathryn hometown party: “She is the top girl. It’s nuts here.”

-Lil C picks a contemporary as his favorite. And not just any contemporary, but the one from Meet the Top 20 with Ariana, Channing, Nathan and Jakob. This is awesome to see. But…Nathan seemed to struggle with Channing there at the end. What was up with that?

-And Mary picks a hip hop – Kathryn and Russell’s specifically.

-It was cool seeing Mary J. Blige perform, but I would’ve preferred more…dancing…

-Nigel picks the Wade and Amanda Robson Top 20 group routine and I’m sooooo glad. Even if it is another taped routine, it rocks to see it again. It really sucks that Russell’s injured because they have to count on all these taped performances and the other dancers don’t get to dance again.

-Kathryn is #3 and I’m SO disappointed. I was okay with her being #2, but I really think she earned at least #2. But…we had a female winner last year, so it’s a “male year,” apparently. Grumble grumble grumble. Amanda responds to my text (No!!!!) with, “I know. Now I’m team Jakob.”

-Jennifer Lopez performs “Louboutins” and this is the *only* musical performance I wasn’t missing dancing for because there was dancing! Not only was there dancing, but J.Lo’s a big SYTYCD fan and handpicked her favorite female SYTYCD dancers from Season 6 and seasons past to dance with her!! I spotted Kherrington, Kayla, Karen, Ariana and Courtney from Season 4. I’ll re-watch it to pick out more. Who did you see?

-It’s down to Russell and Jakob. I would’ve said Jakob hands down last week. But he had a “meh” night last night, whereas Russell had a strong night. And, according to your comments, Russell’s line was consistently busy. Still, I’m surprised to see Russell wins, even though I have an inkling of it right before Cat says it. And I’m actually turned off by his tearing his shirt off and calling up *just Kevin* to be with him on the stage, after hopping away from Jakob. And he’s injured, right? He seemed to forget it a bit there at the end. But, no sour grapes – this is a sweet result, even if it’s not the one I wanted because Russell has a had a great season.

What do y’all think?