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So You Think You Can Dance UK Week 1 Streaming Video

I know that many of you are looking for the video of So You Think You Can Dance UK. Someone was kind enough to upload it to YouTube for all to be able to enjoy week 1 of SYTYCD UK. It’s divided into 15 clips below and it should just stream one video after the other. I still need to watch and make sure I got the order correct for the results show, but I think I’m pretty close. I’ll update the post once I’ve watched and know the order of SYTYCD UK week 1 videos are correct. The special guest is off, but I like it better that way. Then, you see the solos right before the judges comments.

You should also check out the full list of SYTYCD UK week 1 music.

Feel free to start a discussion about the first SYTYCD UK performance episode in the comments as well. Plenty to talk about I’m sure.

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Just call me Charlie...but where are my angels?

So You Think You Can Dance UK Meet the Top 7 Girls

And here are the videos for the Top 7 Girls of Season 1 of SYTYCD UK. Enjoy!

Anabel Kutay
(Apparently, hers is not available like the others. I’ll put it up when/if it is)

Charlie Bruce

Chloe Campbell

Hayley Newton

Lizzie Gough

Mandy Montanez

Yanet Fuentes

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So You Think You Can Dance UK Meet The Top 7 Guys

Enjoy these videos to introduce the Top 7 Guys from Season 1 of SYTYCD UK!

Alastair Poslethwaite

Chris Piper

Drew McOine

Gavin Tsang

Mark Calape

Robbie White

Tommy Franzen

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