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SYTYCD UK – Week 3 BTS, Rehearsal Videos & Interviews with the Eliminated Contestants

BTS Week 4 ‘Top 8’:

Week 3 Recap Top 10:

Extended Rehearsal Footage for Week 3 Top 10:

Hayley Exit Interview:

Mark Exit Interview:

Week 3 Behind the Scenes:

Source: BBC

January 27, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD UK – Learn to Dance Week 3

Lyrical Hip-Hop with Kate Prince:

Contemporary with Stuart Bishop:

Source: BBC UK

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SYTYCD Australia Premieres this Sunday & 3 more to be shown Throughout the Week!

Just a heads up that SYTYCD Australia premieres this Sunday night at 7:30pm with the first lot of Auditions to be shown in

Also it will also be shown on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday nights as well for next week only (as far as I know).

Expect a couple of magazine & TV guide scans to be posted tomorrow with interviews with Matt Lee & Jason Coleman.

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