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Natalie Bassingthwaighte – The 7PM Project 28th January 2010

Here’s the video. She talks about her new single ‘Love Like This’ and also SYTYCD Australia Season 3

Source: McPhee1981 on You Tube

January 31, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia Day Change for Performance Show

For those people who didn’t catch the 1st Auditions of SYTYCD Australia last night that was held on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Channel 10 announced that the Performance show will now be screened Wednesday nights instead of Sunday nights this season. So that means the actual taping of the Performance show will be held on Monday nights instead of the normal Friday nights. Also the performance show will be screened on Thursday nights.

The bad news is that I work on Wednesday nights and I don’t get home till about after 8pm so I wont be able to watch the show till Thursday nights now cos I may end up missing the start of it. So the news for everything on the Results of the contestants will probably be posted on Fridays.

Also don’t foget the show will be back on at 8pm this Wednesday night after The Biggest Loser: Couples with Auditions #2 in Sydney.

Host Natalie on The 7PM Project is on the way will be uploaded soon.  The Link to the upload page on You Tube is not working at the moment.

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