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SYTYCD US & Australia – Pasha & Anya Performance on Australian Version Video

Here it is.

February 28, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia Top 18 Results Pasha & Anya Performed Last Night! (Spoilers)

Last night Gaz & Mikhaela were cut from the competition with Contemporary & Jazz dancers Heath, Robbie, Jessie & Ivy were in the bottom 3 couples. Once again Contemporary won over Hip Hop.

Mary Murphy will the Guest Judge next week since she is in Australia for ‘Burn the Floor’. I have no idea why she has said yes even though Channel 10 hasn’t bothered to show the US version any more due to day & time changes where people are out on a Friday night due to low ratings because of that matter.

Here is next week’s couple routines that were chosen out of a hat:
Robbie & Ivy (New couple – Mikhaela & Gaz were cut from the competition) – Jazz
Phillipe & Renee – Contemporary
Matt & Jessie – Hip Hop
Grace & Nick – Hip Hop
Kieran & Carly – Ballroom
Jess & Doug – Jazz
Issi & Don – Contemporary
Jessica & Heath – Ballroom

Here is the video of Pasha & Anya’s routine that was shown live during the Top 18 Results show. The song is called ‘Burn For You’. This video is probably only viewable to the Australian public but I will promise that I’ll upload it on Monday for everyone 🙂

You can view the video here

February 25, 2010 I Written By

An Abbreviated Twitter Round Up

Our dancers are busy! Here’s a quick one for y’all:


Yaaay can finally say I will be 1 of 4 dancers dancing with Paula Abdul on the hit tv show “Drop Dead Diva” sooo stoked! March 3-10!! 3 minutes ago


Just got done with The Doctors filming!! Had so much fun with Jim! He was such a good sport and nailed the disco shuffle like a champ about 2 hours ago


Oscar fitting=success. Now spending some time with RoberTo before i take him to the airport :/ ..hes always leaving me about 3 hours ago


Working on packages with the ABDC crews today & then Tab has rehearsal tonight with @JohnGillette about 5 hours ago


Uh oh! Late start. Gotta take a speed shower and grab breakfast with @Jaimie_Goodwin before rehearsal! Going to Denver tomorrow! Woohoo! about 6 hours ago


Wow. Just had a 10min conversation with someone only to find out he thought I said I was a “belly” dancer. I thought he was asking odd ?s! about 6 hours ago


On my way to Houston to Perform at fuse hip hop festival at the wortham theatre Feb 27 for ticket info…come checkit! about 7 hours ago

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SYTYCD Australia – Top 18 Performance Song List & Special Guests Tonight!

Last night’s show the Top 18 Performed with Jason Gilkison as Guest Judge. The results show is on tonight at 8pm and voting lines close at 7:45pm tonight. Gossip will be performing & also Jason Gilkison’s ‘Burn the Floor’ will be performing on the show tonight (Which may feature some familiar faces). Also the Group Performance Routine will be choreographed by Jason Gilkison which will be a mixed Latin Ballroom Routine

Here’s the Couples, Dance Styles, Choreographers & Songs featuerd on the show:
Gaz & Ivy Hip Hop Routine choreographed by This Season’s Top 40 contestant Alvin DeCastro to ‘Down’ by Jay Sean Jay Sean - All or Nothing (Bonus Track Version) - Down

Voting Numbers:
SMS Gaz or Ivy to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 61

Don & Issi Ballroom (Foxtrot) Routine choreographed by Carmello Pazzini to ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ by Michael Buble Michael Bublé - Crazy Love (Deluxe Edition) - Haven't Met You Yet

Voting Numbers:
SMS Don or Issi to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 62

Jessica & Heath Contemporary Routine choreographed by Paul White & Former Season 1 Contestant Anthony Ikin to ‘Last Request’ by Paul Nutini Paolo Nutini - These Streets (Bonus Track Version) - Last Request

Voting Numbers:
SMS Heath or Jessica P to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 63

Matt & Jessie Jazz Routine choreographed by Project Moda to ‘Starstruck’ by 3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry 3OH!3 - Want (Deluxe Edition) - Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry) [Bonus Track]

Voting Numbers:
SMS Matt or Jessie HLeon Haywood - The Best of Leon Haywood - Don't Push It Don't Force It

Voting Numbers:
SMS Robbie or Mikhaela to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 65

(New Couple) Nick & Grace Contemporary Routine choreographed by Juliet ‘Jet’ Verne to ‘Pretty Wings’ by Maxwell Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night (Deluxe Version) - Pretty Wings

Voting Numbers:
SMS Nick or Grace to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 66

Kieran & Carly Broadway Jazz Routine choreographed by Cameron Mitchell to ‘The Tennis Song’ by the Original cast of ‘The City of Angels’ Cy Coleman - City of Angels - The Tennis Song

Voting Numbers:
SMS Kieran or Carly to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 67

Phillipe & Renee Ballroom (Paso Doble) Routine choreographed by Leanne Bampton to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen Queen - Classic Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Voting Numbers:
SMS Phillipe or Renee to 19 10 10
Phone 1902 55 55 68

Doug & Jess Contemporary Routine Choreographed by Amy Delves to ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City Owl City - Ocean Eyes - Fireflies

Voting Numbers:
SMS Jess SPlease remember when voting there is a Jessica, Jessie & a Jess when you vote you must add their last name initial which are in bold.

Don’t forget the voting lines close at 7:45pm tonight and the Results will be announced on the Results show tonight at 8pm.

February 24, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Canada – Natali Auditioned for Michael Jackson

I have no idea if anybody has posted this.

I happened to get my copy of Michael Jackson’s This Is It on DVD last week from the U.S. and I happened to watch the Dancer’s Audition Special Feature and happened to see Natali featured in the video where she auditioned for MJ’s comeback tour. Sadly she didn’t make it.

Kenny Ortega who was driector of the tour and produced the documentary was actually a judge on SYTYCD Canada and loved Natali on the show so I think he actually asked Natali to audition.

Here’s the video (she is featured in 1:00-1:04 in black pants, grey jacket & black bra she was actually dancing in front of MJ at the time & once again in 1:14-1:17, 1:24-1:25)

There is more footage that is on the DVD of her talking I am in the process of finding it if I do I’ll post it!

Also the choreographer – Travis Payne also helped choreographed the finalists in ‘Move Like Michael Jackson’ which also featured the UK version of SYTYCD’s Mark

The DVD is out now and is availabe in Australia from next week on the 5th of March

February 23, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Top 18 Perform Tonight

Reminder of the Couples & the dance style tonight. Choreographers & Music will be posted tomorrow. Also Jason Gilkison will be guest judge tonight.

Nick & Grace – Contemporary
Robbie & Mikhaela – Hip Hop
Gaz & Ivy – Hip Hop
Issi & Don – Ballroom
Philippe & Renee – Ballroom
Kieran & Carly – Jazz
Doug & Jess – Contemporary
Heath & Jessica – Contemporary
Jessie & Matt – Jazz

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SYTYCD Twitter Roundup

Yippee. Some fun Tweets lately. Here are a selection:

LOLOL nice shirt Nick. RT @NickLazzarini: /via @SYTYCDISM – OMG, I wish I could pack that for Australia! 4 minutes ago

Woke up, had coffee w/ Tyce, going over my lines for class now, then lunch w/ Katie Shean & Courtney Galiano, & then 5Alive reunion! Yay! 🙂 about 1 hours ago

Bearkaz – I decided Evan would look sweet with a mustache and…BOOSH! about 1 hours ago

You know this made my day, being a devoted Kasprzak fan. There’s another great pic on Ryan’s page of the three brothers round Christmas time. Here’s the pic Ryan posted:

Hold the phone: 5 ALIVE reunion dinner tonight!! Get pumped! I lahv family! about 2 hours ago

Hopefully, there will be pics to follow tonight’s reunion dinner!

Still in bed….. Need to go shopping for tonight tho!!!! Yaaay family reunion…. Season 5 family that is!!! =D about 4 hours ago

Doing a photoshoot with @Chelsiekayh 🙂 about 2 hours ago

Here’s the pic:

Monsters of Hip Hop tryin’ to get to 4,000 followers on their facebook! Help us get them there! We know what you can do followers! about 4 hours ago

So sleepy today! This rehearsal is going to be a tough one to get through. At least I have @Jaimie_Goodwin to provide the giggles. about 4 hours ago

Clear talent meeting! @shaynalb about 6 hours ago

But this one may be waaaay better: @Jglove988 so when are you going to tell @jmanrara that we are together and you don tlike her anymore? about 24 hours ago in reply to Jglove988

First thing I saw when I woke up 🙂 about 7 hours ago

Cute pic from Adam – he also Tweets about the Oscars choreography – go check it out.

Well just barely going to sleep… Its 5:38 am and I have to be at Millenium by 10am to teach a private lesson!! Then rehearsal all day! Ahh about 8 hours ago

MiA!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously NeED you in my LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiFE!!!!!!!! I hope you’re doing good and I better see you on THURSDaY for you … about 12 hours ago

A sentiment I’m sure we all second. More Mia is necessary.

Getting ready to perform at a Haiti bennefit. I’m excited.. 3:59 PM Feb 19th

Just cause I love Peter…

Exciting news about the Five Alive “reunion” tonight. And the Dmitry/Chelsea photo session. Hope you enjoy.

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SYTYCD Australia & US – Jason Gilkison on The 7PM Project Video

This was filmed Thursday the 18th of February. Also Burn the Floor is in Melbourne at the moment if you love to go and see it for Mary Murphy also I spotted Pasha in The Herald Sun on Saturday that he is also featured in the hit Broadway show as well.

Here’s the video!

February 21, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Host Natalie Bassingthwaighte Baby News!

Yes it’s true Nat is actually 3 months pregnant with her first child to former Rogue Traders drummer Cameron McGlinchey. She announced the news last Friday on her official site and done a photo shoot & interview with Australia’s OK! Magazine (out last Friday!) here are the scans! Congrats to Nat & Cam!

Sorry the words are a bit blurly I couldn’t able to uploaded them any more bigger. I’ll type up the interview tonight

Here’s a BTS video of the photoshoot. In the process of looking for the song at the moment

I don’t know how this will afect the 4th Season if it does get picked up (Idol was cancelled just a week ago due to poor ratings and SYTYCD is not doing very well as well). Nat’s baby is due around the time when the auditions are being held in around September or October if it does get picked up.

I Written By