Dance Star Overcame Early Pain – Natalie Bassingthwaighte Herald Sun Switched On Interview Sneak Peek

So You Think You Can Dance star Natalie Bassingthwaighte has spoken of her battle with depression, and the importance of looking after herself.

The 34-year-old said her worst bout was during her 20s, when it became so crippling she couldn’t leave home. “People would go ‘Just get over it’ and you’re like, ‘Actually I can’t… I’m really trying’,” she said.

A combination of therapy and medication saw Bassingthwaighte recover, but she said she was ever vigilant.

“If there’s a moment I feel down, I have to be really focused and kind to myself to go ‘This could tip you over the edge’. You do some exercise. If you’re feeling down, it’s hard, but it helps.”

In a candid interview in tomorrow’s Switched On television lifout, Bassingthwaighte talks about her short-lived marriage and her deep connection to the young hopefuls on So You Think You Can Dance. “I feel I’ve found my place with this show because I’ve been in the same situation these dancers have been in. I’ve been told no (at auditions) 100 times over,’ she said.

For the full interview, see the new Switched On section in tomorrow’s Herald Sun.

The Interview will be posted hopefully tomorrow. Also don’t forget the 2nd round of Auditions is on tonight in Sydney at 8pm after the Biggest Loser: Couples

Source: Herald Sun (Victoria)