So You Think You Can Australia Top 100 Contestant James has all the right Moves

Taken from Tasmania’s The Advocate. Tasmania hasn’t had a Top 20 contestant in the past 2 seasons and 2 of them have made it into the Top 100 could they both make it into the Top 20? well we’ll find out who makes the cut tonight in ‘Top 100 Week’.

By Elspeth Powell

A STAR was born in Devonport.

This year’s season of So You Think You Can Dance is only just underway, but The Advocate has a good feeling that contestant James Elmer’s Tasmanian roots will see him go far.

The self-taught hip hop dancer was born in Devonport and is now living in Cairns with his well-known Coastal parents.

Most of James’ direct family still live on the Coast.

Monday night’s program on TDT 5 showed the Devonport- born James blitz the Brisbane auditions to make it to the final 100 in Sydney.

His father, Don Elmer, formerly of Latrobe, said he thought it was James’ straightforward and comic nature that got him through.

“It resembles where he came from,” Mr Elmer said.

“I have a lot of traits that people say are very Tasmanian,” James said.

Devonport’s Angela Elmer- Lomax agrees with her nephew.

“He’s just funny and really laidback,” she said.

“He’s tenacious without a doubt.”

And it seems that good old Tassie sense of humour is evident in other members of James’ family.

“Make sure you write that his uncle taught him everything he knows,” said his uncle Stewart Lomax.

While the larrikin in James may be a family trait as well as a Tasmanian one, dancing is a skill he has all to himself.

“Although Angela has a dance after a few drinks,” joked grandmother Nancy Elmer.

Mrs Elmer’s partner, Eric Wells, said he thought James was naturally gifted.

“He walked out like he’d been in front of the cameras for years,” Mr Wells said.

Mrs Elmer lived with James for three months when he was four years old.

“He was a gem,” she said.

“He used to sing every day.”

James discovered dancing when he needed to find an extra subject at school.

“I didn’t have very much motivation at school. I picked up the subject because there was a girl I liked in that class,” he said.

“Dancing was his escape,” Mrs Elmer-Lomax said.

Regardless of the outcome of the competition, James plans to keep dancing in the future.

“It’s pretty locked in,” he said.

Renee who is also the Tasmania was the one that audtioned in the Gold Coast auditions where she broke down in front of the judges about her body image

Source: The Advocate (Tasmania)

Here’s some photos that were in the paper:
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I’m also myself a girl from Devonport so I’ll keep an eye on this boy in the near future.