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SYTYCD Alum in Black Eyed Peas Video

PureSYTYCD commenter Ben (thanks, dude!) spotted a distinctive SYTYCD alumni and wrote us:

At least ONE SYTYCD dancer in the new video for The Black Eyed Peas’ Double A-Side release, “Imma Be”/”Rock That Body”. Nathan sighting in the second half, wearing one of his hats.

Ben, you’re right! Nathan is clearly visible at 6:26 and at several parts after that. I thought I saw Russell a few times (what do y’all think?). Can anybody identify any of the other dancers, especially the girls? This is a great remix video, very fun and it was cool to see Nathan and other (?) SYTYCD alumni strutting their stuff.

I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas were into using SYTYCD alumni after meeting some of the dancers when they performed on the show.

Thanks again for writing us, Ben. Here’s the video, y’all:

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SYTYCD Australia Competition Starts Tonight!

Just a reminder for Aussie’s that the comp starts tonight. Once again here’s the reminder of the dancers that are paired together and what their dance style is:

Kieran & Carly – Contemporary
Will & Grace – Jazz
Doug & Jess – Ballroom
Nick & Ilona – Jazz
Don & Issi – Hip Hop
Matt & Jessie – Contemporary
Gaz & Ivy – Ballroom
Robbie & Mikaela – Ballroom
Heath & Jessica – Jazz
Philippe & Renee – Hip Hop

It will be shown on Channel 10 at 8ppm and finishes at 10pm (which is really a stupid time most people go to bed at 9pm). The Results show will be shown at 8pm tonmorrow where 1 boy and 1 girl will be cut from the competition.

The numbers and the song list will be posted tomorrow

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SYTYCD UK Streaming Video Finale

This is my first time doing a streaming video, so let me know if you have any trouble. Enjoy!!

[Later: The Charlie-Tommy Tango and the Lizzie-Alastair Samba might not play automatically. Don’t miss. They’re a bit out of order, but you can select them manually on the menu above if they don’t play automatically.]

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So You Think You Can Dance UK FINALE Music

The SYTYCD UK Top 3 danced a group Pop-Jazz routine choreographed by Frank Gatson to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) - I Gotta Feeling

The SYTYCD UK Top 13 danced a Jazz routine choreographed by Gareth Walker to Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” Lady GaGa - Bad Romance - Single - Bad Romance

Music for Group Numbers:

Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzen danced Jazz to The Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [Remastered Version] - Sweet Dreams

Charlie Bruce and Lizzie Gough danced Broadway to Catherine Zeta Jones’s “All That Jazz” Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger & Taye Diggs - Chicago - Overture / And All That Jazz

Charlie Bruce and Tommy Franzen danced Tango to Ewan McGregor’s “Tango el Roxanne” Ewan McGregor, Jacek Koman & José Feliciano - Moulin Rouge - El Tango de Roxanne

Lizzie Gough and Alastair Poslewaite danced Samba to Sergio Mendes’ “Magalehna” Sergio Mendes - Brasileiro - Magalenha

Mark Calape and Tommy Franzen danced Hip-Hop to Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” Daft Punk - Discovery - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Charlie Bruce and Drew McOnie danced Lyrical to Celine Dion’s “I Surrender” Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come - I Surrender

Music for Solos:
Lizzie Gough danced Hip-Hop to RiHanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded - Don't Stop the Music

If you’re hankering for other SYTYCD UK music, it’s all here.

Tommy Franzen Breakdanced to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” Justin Timberlake - Justified - Cry Me a River

Charlie Bruce danced Jazz to Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca” Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin - Livin' la Vida Loca

Special Musical Guest was Robbie Williams’ “Morning Sun” Robbie Williams - Reality Killed the Video Star - Morning Sun

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