SYTYCD Alum in Black Eyed Peas Video

PureSYTYCD commenter Ben (thanks, dude!) spotted a distinctive SYTYCD alumni and wrote us:

At least ONE SYTYCD dancer in the new video for The Black Eyed Peas’ Double A-Side release, “Imma Be”/”Rock That Body”. Nathan sighting in the second half, wearing one of his hats.

Ben, you’re right! Nathan is clearly visible at 6:26 and at several parts after that. I thought I saw Russell a few times (what do y’all think?). Can anybody identify any of the other dancers, especially the girls? This is a great remix video, very fun and it was cool to see Nathan and other (?) SYTYCD alumni strutting their stuff.

I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas were into using SYTYCD alumni after meeting some of the dancers when they performed on the show.

Thanks again for writing us, Ben. Here’s the video, y’all: