SYTYCD Australia Competition Starts Tonight!

Just a reminder for Aussie’s that the comp starts tonight. Once again here’s the reminder of the dancers that are paired together and what their dance style is:

Kieran & Carly – Contemporary
Will & Grace – Jazz
Doug & Jess – Ballroom
Nick & Ilona – Jazz
Don & Issi – Hip Hop
Matt & Jessie – Contemporary
Gaz & Ivy – Ballroom
Robbie & Mikaela – Ballroom
Heath & Jessica – Jazz
Philippe & Renee – Hip Hop

It will be shown on Channel 10 at 8ppm and finishes at 10pm (which is really a stupid time most people go to bed at 9pm). The Results show will be shown at 8pm tonmorrow where 1 boy and 1 girl will be cut from the competition.

The numbers and the song list will be posted tomorrow