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SYTYCD Australia – Top 20 Performance Music

Ilona & Nick Jazz Routine choreographed by The Squared Division to ‘Telephone’ Lady GaGa & Beyoncé - The Fame Monster - Telephone by Lady Gaga & Beyonce
Jessie & Matt Contemporary Routine choreographed by Stephen Agislaio to ‘I’m Kissing You’ Des'ree - Supernatural - I'm Kissing You by Des’ree
Jess & Doug Latin Ballroom (Cha Cha) Routine choreographed by Leanne Bampton to ‘Love Long Distance’ Gossip - Music for Men (Deluxe Version) - Love Long Distance by The Gossip
Renee & Philippe Hip Hop Routine choreographed by (Former S2 contestant) Jessie Rasmussen to ‘Fallin’ Out’ Keyshia Cole - Just Like You - Fallin' Out by Keyshia Cole
Grace & Will Jazz Routine choreographed by Adam Williams to ‘You Should be Dancing’ (Remix) Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Remastered] - You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees  (Sorry if this is the wrong version but this is all I found)
Mikhaela & Robbie Latin Ballroom (Rumba) Routine choreographed by Trent & Gordana to ‘Endless Love’ Glee Cast - Endless Love (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Endless Love (Glee Cast Version) by the Cast of Glee
Carly & Kieran Contemporary Routine choreographed by Sarah Boulter to ‘Furious Angels’ Rob Dougan - Furious Angels - Furious Angels by Rob Dougan
Jessica & Heath Jazz Routine choreographed by (Former Season 1 Contestant) Marko Panzic to ‘Empire State of Mind’ (Part 2) (Non Remixed Version) Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version) - Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down by Alicia Keys
Ivy & Gaz Ballroom (Pas Double) Routine choreographed by Carmello Pizzini to ‘Ojos Asi’ Shakira - Donde Estan Los Ladrones - Ojos Así by Shakira
Issi & Don Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Juliet ‘Jet’ Verne to ‘Work’ Ciara - Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) - Work (feat. Missy Elliott) by Ciara feat. Miss Elliott

February 17, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Top 20 Performance Voting Line Numbers (Australia Only)

The Top 20 Performance show was shown last night and the Results show is on tonight. The Voting Lines are still open if you live in Australia and they close at 19:45 tonight.

Please be aware that there is a Jessie, Jess & Jessica so please make sure you put in the right name and surname initial when you vote for your favourite the numbers are below.

SMS for all couples are 19 10 10.

Here are the phone line numbers the number for the couple are in bold. Please be aware that all landline calls & SMS cost 55c. All calls from mobiles cost extra.

The Numbers:
Ilona & Nick – 1902 55 55 61
Jessie H & Matt – 1902 55 55 62
Jess S & Doug – 1902 55 55 63
Renee & Philippe – 1902 55 55 64
Grace & Will – 1902 55 55 65
Mikhaela & Robbie – 1902 55 55 66
Carly & Kieran – 1902 55 55 67
Jessica P & Heath – 1902 55 55 68
Ivy & Gaz – 1902 55 55 69
Issi & Don – 1902 55 55 70

The performance show starts at 8:00pm with her only Australian TV apperance by Taylor Swift (I believe she performs ‘You Belong With Me’ judging from a preview that was shown a couple of days ago) with also a dance performance by ‘The Vangara Dance Company’. The Group Performance will be a Jazz routine choreographed by Kelly Abbey.

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