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SYTYCD Canada – 2 Former Contestants on America’s Best Dance Crew (Shane Sparks Featured)

I don’t know if anybody who watches this show ABDC is well known for having SYTYCD dancers on the show for example Hok, Ryan, Dominic (aka D-Trix) Donyelle some other people who have auditioned for the show and Shane West as judges for the previous 4 seasons… But if you have not noticed 2 weeks ago in the Eastern Regionals ‘The Blueprint Cru’ features Nicolas & Vincent from the Canadian version. They are featured in the finals which would probably have been shown by now.

If you listen carefully they almost didn’t make it into the Regionals due to Visa problems

Here’s some videos from their Regionals round:

Even Shane Sparks makes an apperance:

They are even tipped to win alongside ‘The Swagger Crew’ & ‘Poreotix’

February 18, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Top 20 Results & the Dance Styles chosen for Next Week (Spoilers!)

Sadly Ilona & Will was cut from the competition. Ilona was one of my favourites and was disappointed that she left she was up against Grace & Jessie (very strong Contemporary dancers once again Contemporary wins over Hip Hop) in the dance for their lifes. For the guys alongside Will it was Matt & Nick.

Next week’s show Jason Gilkison will be the guest judge! Also he appeared on ‘The 7PM Project’ last night to talk about SYTYCD Australia & the U.S. and the upcoming Australian version of ‘Burn the Floor’ which starts in Melbourne next week (I would love to see it but sadly I can’t afford to fly over to Melbourne). The video will be posted on Monday. I actually missed the start because I was having a shower, as soon as I walked into the Rumpus room I noticed he was on the TV but I managed to catch a download of his appearance today. Bonnie was on it a couple of weeks ago as well that featured BTS interviews with the Top 40 on the day the Top 20 was announced. I’m in the process of looking for it so if I find it I’ll make sure I post it.

Okay, here’s the couples and the dance styles that were chosen from out of a hat: (Nick & Grace are the new couple since their lost their partner yesterday)
Nick & Grace – Contemporary
Robbie & Mikhaela – Hip Hop
Gaz & Ivy – Hip Hop
Issi & Don – Ballroom
Philippe & Renee – Ballroom
Kieran & Carly – Jazz
Doug & Jess – Contemporary
Heath & Jessica – Contemporary
Jessie & Matt – Jazz

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