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SYTYCD Australia – Project moda Choreographer Shannon Was Actually Michael’s Dancer for This Is It

If anybody has noticed Project Moda who choreograph some interesting dance routines for the Australian Version. May not notice that co-choreographer Shannon Holtzapffel was actually one of the dancers of Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour. A couple of weeks ago we did also mention that Canada’s Natali actually auditioned for the tour but didn’t make the cut.

He has an interview with WHO Magazine which is out right now and he’s interview is on page 56.

I actually did go to Delta’s ‘Mistaken Identity’ tour where Shannon danced in and actually got to meet before the show he is a really nice person he talked about dancing with Delta and gave me some tips on dance. I may have some photos of him laying around that I took on the night if I find them I’ll post them

March 8, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Top 16 Group Performance Song

A big thank you to an unknown poster who gave us the heads up on what the song was called that was featured in the Top 16 Group Performance.

The song is called ‘Fire & Water’ by Christine Anu here is the iTunes link Christine Anu - Acoustically - Fire & Water

Sorry this was late. It was the long weeked and I didn’t have any internet access

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