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SYTYCD Australia – Top 14 Perform Tonight! Special Guest Performance Anounced

Tomorrow night’s Guest Performance will be Kelly Rowland & David Guerta who will perform ‘When Love Takes Over’ which is featured on the SYTYCD Australia Soundtrack. This is the 2nd performance for Kelly since she peformed on the show last year. Songs that were featured on the show will be posted tomorrow.

Here’s a recap of the performances that will be on the show tonight:
Jess & Nick (new couple) – Hip Hop
Matt & Jessie – Jazz
Kieran & Carly – Contemporary
Heath & Jessica – Contemporary
Ivy & Robbie – Ballroom
Renee & Philippe – Ballroom
Issi & Don – Ballroom

Also don’t forget there will be a Guys Vs. Girls performance tonight where the Girls will perform a routine from Chicago & the Guys will perform a routine from West Side Story

Don’t forget the show starts at 8:00pm on Channel 10

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SYTYCD U.S. & Australia – Mary Murphy on Australia’s ‘The 7PM Project’ Video

Well, here it is! Sorry it is late. WARNING: You may want to turn the volume down does contain screaming and loud laughter

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