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SYTYCD Australia – Top 10 Performance Show Song List & Voting Numbers

Don’t forget Melbourne & Adelaide the Results show will shown at 6:30pm tonight and for the others 8pm on Channel 10.

Voting Numbers for each individual dancer. Please remember there is a Jessie, Jessica & Jess so please make sure you include their last name initial when you are voting via SMS.

SMS – 19 10 10
Phone Numbers:
Matt – 1902 55 55 61
Carly – 1902 55 55 62
Robbie – 1902 55 55 63
Jessie H – 1902 55 55 64
Nick – 1902 55 55 65
Jessica P – 1902 55 55 66
Kieran – 1902 55 55 67
Jess S – 1902 55 55 68
Phillipe – 1902 55 55 69
Ivy – 1902 55 55 70

1st Half:
Matt & Carly – Jazz Routine choreographed by Cameron Mitchell to ‘According to You’ by Orianthi Orianthi - Believe (Bonus Track Version) - According to You

Robbie & Jessie – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Jason Bird & Katie Cessaro to ‘Talkshow Host’ by Radiohead Radiohead - The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition) - Talk Show Host

Nick & Jessica – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Paul Malek to ‘Kings & Queens’ by 30 Seconds to Mars 30 Seconds to Mars - This Is War - Kings and Queens

Kieran & Jess – Latin Ballroom (Samba) Routine choreographed by Carmello Pazinni to ‘Pop Goes the World’ by The Gossip Gossip - Music for Men (Deluxe Version) - Pop Goes the World

Phillipe & Ivy – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Sher Manu to ‘Colorblind’ by The Counting Crows Counting Crows - This Desert Life - Colorblind

2nd Half:
Matt & Carly – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Supple to ‘I Took the Night’ by Chelley Chelley - Took the Night - Single - Took the Night

Robbie & Jessie – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Sarah Boulter to ‘Heart in a Cage’ by The Strokes The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth - Heart In a Cage

Nick & Jessica – Ballroom (The Quickstep) Routine choreographed by Leeanne Bampton to ‘Under My Skin’ by Gin Wigmore Gin Wigmore - Extended Play - EP - Under My Skin

Kieran & Jess – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Juliet ‘Jet’ Verne to ‘Put It In a Love Song’ by Alicia Keys feat. Beyonce Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version) - Put It In a Love Song

Phillipe & Ivy – Jazz Routine choreographed by Project Moda to ‘Neutron Dance’ by The Pointer Sisters The Pointer Sisters - Platinum & Gold Collection: The Pointer Sisters - Neutron Dance

Tonight don’t forget voting lines close at 18:15pm tonight not 19:45 due to the footy. The Results show will be shown at 18:30pm in some areas like Victoria & Adelaide Perth 19:30pm and the rest of Australia at 20:00pm

The Group will perform a Tango Poker inspired routine choreographed by Jason Gilkison & Ke$ha will perform tonight also.

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SYTYCD Australia – Results Show Early Tonight for Some Areas!

Sorry this is late, just a reminder for those people in Victoria & Adelaide or other areas that have the footy live. If you are wondering why the voting lines are closing 2 and a half hours early tonight is due to the 1st round of footy is on tonight.

The results show will be shown at 6:30pm where the voting lines for us voters will close at 6:15pm tonight not the usual 7:45pm timeslot. For the others who don’t have the footy live tonight the show will be shown still at 8:00pm

I have no idea why this is happening this is ridicolous Channel 10 has their sports channel why can’t they show the footy there instead of doing their usual obsession craze by spoiling us?

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SYTYCD Twitter Round-Up

Here’s what’s going on in the Twitterverse. Pay particular attention to Nigel’s Tweet as it means a big change for SYTYCD this season.


Ummmmm @sytycdism can we just watch @paulinemata KILL THISSSSSSSS: 6 minutes ago via web


@catdeeley miss you 27 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to catdeeley


Links of London has just announced that I am their first ever Global Brand Ambassador! 34 minutes ago via TweetDeck


Starting up on dizzyfeet benefit, and amazing benefit for the motion picture television fund benefit I’m directing. Let’s raise sum $ about 1 hours ago via Tweetie

And WHOA! big change alert –


First rule change. Only one dancer will leave the competition each week and not two. Many more changes to come by the end of this week. about 1 hours ago via Echofon


My band’s first single ” Right! ” is coming along! So darn excited!!!! about 3 hours ago via web


going to bed. Glee rehearsals were awesome today!! Can’t wait to film!! about 10 hours ago via web


Christina Aguliera audition tomorrow 🙂 🙂 yaaaay about 11 hours ago via UberTwitter


I just got the greatest news. Life is about to change….watch out!! I’m soooo greatful 🙂 about 12 hours ago via Tweetie

Can’t wait to find out what that is. And for the new season to start May 27th. We’re going to have lots of fun talking about the show between now and then.

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