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SYTYCD – Tabitha & Napolean Choreographed Opening Routine for America’s Best Dance Crew (Spoilers)

Just some news just in. America’s Best Dance Crew Illusion Challenge has just been shown and as usual once again Tabitha & Napolean has choreographed the Opening Group Routine. They have choreographed the other Group Routines also in the Previous seasons and help asisst the choreography with the Crews as well

I guess for those people hiding under the rock who hasn’t been watching the show SYTYCD Canada’s Vincent & Nicolas are still in the competition competiting with ‘Blueprint Cru’ (even Nicolas travels 3 hours up and back every week for rehearsals in Montreal). Sadly they made it into the bottom 2 at the start of the show with Hype 5-0 making it into next week’s challenge. I haven’t watched the whole show yet but hopefully *fingers crossed* they make it through.

March 25, 2010 I Written By

Season 3 Auditions Wrap-Up

Season 3 audition tour kicked off in Toronto in November 2009 before travelling to Montreal,Vancouver, Halifax and finally wrapping up in Calgary just a couple weeks ago.

The best of the best have been chosen and now we wait to see who our top dancers will be.

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