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SYTYCD US – Dance Plug at the L.A. Auditions Video

Season 7 Premieres on the 27th of May 2010 according to

March 28, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD UK – SYTYCD Featured Highly on Pineapple Dance Studios

If anybody has been caught the episodes of Reality Comedy (everything is real not fake I don’t know about Louie though) Pineapple Dance Studios for the last couple of months. SYTYCD is featured highly in the show where pretty much every episode has the banner seen in the hallway to the entrance which I believe that’s where they do the rehearsals for the show.

SYTYCD UK judge Arlene Philipps was featured in the Preview show and in last week’s episode SYTYCD UK dancer Mandy was featured in the episode as part of PDG (a.k.a. Pineapple Dance Group) a professional dance group that was formed by Studio Choreographer Matt.

The Studio is well know for many celebrities including Madonna where she did her ‘Hung Up’ video there.

Keep watching because Mandy may be featured in more episodes and possibly in the finale she may perform in ‘The Live Finale Showcase’ to be filmed at O2 Arena in London where Michael Jackson was supposed to do his last tour there.

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Check Out Adam’s Awesome Pic

Adam just Tweeted this pic of himself, Cat and “Kinsey.” (Would this be Matt Kinsey, associate producer? Somebody know?) Totally cute pic.

He seems to be trying to reassure us all in his recent Tweets:

What do u all think r the changes? Bet u don’t really know. @dizzyfeets being cagey. when u find out, you’ll love as much as me 🙂 27 minutes ago via Tweetie

Wow! @dizzyfeet FINALLY told me about changes to this season Sytycd! Totally fresh! Gonna really shake it up, and audiences will LOVE it! 39 minutes ago via Tweetie

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