Mary Murphy Off So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 and Mia Michaels Back

I’m sure that most of you have read the official announcement on changes to So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 format. I checked over with another great SYTYCD blog, SYTYCDism, and they had a list of changes that includes the details from the official announcement, but also some extra ones about Mary Murphy and Mia as judges (or not judging). Check out their list:

1. There will only be a Top 10 this year. 5 girls, 5 boys.
2. Only one (new) contestant will be eliminated each week.
3. The contestants will not pick their own genres anymore. (~cough~) They will draw photographs of an all-star and that will dictate their style. The all-stars will never be out of their element.
4. 10 contestants from the past six seasons will partner season 7’s Top 10.
5. Only the new contestants will be judged. The all-stars will be asked to leave the stage after the performance.
6. America will vote for their favorite dancer, and one of the bottom 3 will go home.
7. The Top 10 will rotate partners from the all-star dance pool.
8. Mary Murphy will be off the permanent panel and will choreograph and guest judge again.
9. Mia Michaels will be back.
10. The all-stars will not choreograph their routines, they will learn as a normal partner.
11. The finale will be the original format, dancing solos, with each other, groups, etc. No all-stars to our understanding.

The writing has always seemed like Mary Murphy wouldn’t be back as a judge and we’d known that Mia was going to be back on the show in some way. It’s just interesting to me that SYTYCDism stated it as fact since I’d never seen it officially announced that Mary Murphy was done as a full time judge. That’s a very good change in my book.

Of course, the thing that I wonder most about is what’s going to happen to all the great choreographers. Are the choreographers still going to work with the All Star and the New Star dancers? Or will the All Star be the choreographer? I can’t imagine them getting rid of the great choreographers, but there’s also a financial element involved to pay the dancers and the choreographers. This is going to be a lot of fun to watch play out!