SYTYCD Australia – Top 8 Perform Tonight! New Partners & Genres for Tonights Show!

There hasn’t been a mention on who will be performing tomorrow we’ll let you know.

Last week Matt was eliminated from the competition. Jess was also eliminated but due to Jessica P being pulled out of the competition due to injury Jess will be back for the Top 8.

So far we only have have 2 partners’ genres sadly. But I’ll post them tomorrow after I watch the show tonight

Here’s the new partners:
Phillipe & Carly – Contemporary & Jazz
Nick & Jessie – Hip Hop & Ballroom
Robbie & Ivy –
Kieran & Jess – (Jessica was paired with Kiern but due to injury Jess S will be replacing her)

I have no idea for the other 4 because it hasn’t been announced sorry.