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SYTYCD Australia – Jason Coleman on the 7PM Project, 19th March, 2010 Video

Sorry this is late. I didn’t get this download till last Thursday. It tends to be the site had some problems and they are a bit behind on uploading at the moment

The song that is featured at the beginning is actually Natalie Bassingthwaithe’s song when she was in the Rogue Traders called ‘Voodoo Child’ which ended up #1 in the Aussie charts

April 6, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD – Top 8 Performance & Results Song List (Spoiler)

I’m soooo sorry this is late. When I tried posting this on Thursday of the Performance show, my computer frozed and I lost all of my work. I use the computer at a internet cafe so I don’t have the internet at home on holidays like Easter so that explains why this is sooo late. I hope everyone had a great Easter.

Don’t forget the Top 6 Perform tonight with the Final 4 to be announced Live tomorrow night. As far as I know Jason DeRulo will be performing (judging from Channel 10’s spoilers again last week announcing that Jason was going to perform in the Top 8 Results show but ended up having Gabriella Cilmi performing instead. Ten please don’t do this again I’m tired of the MasterChef spoilers already!)

Top 8 Performance:
1st Half:
Nick & Jessie – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Former S2 Contestant Jessie Rasmusen to ‘Nobody’ by Ne-Yo Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman (Bonus Track Version) - Nobody (I hope this is right because I didn’t get to see this but it tells me on the Official site)

Jess & Kieran – Ballroom (Foxtrot) Routine choreographed by Trent & Gordana to ‘Cry Me A River’ by Michael Buble Michael BublĂ© - Crazy Love (Deluxe Edition) - Cry Me a River

Phillipe & Carly – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Rafael Bonachela to ‘You’ve Got the Love’ by Florence & The Machine Florence + The Machine - Lungs - You've Got the Love (Also featured in the New *Spoiler* MasterChef promos)

Robbie & Ivy – Broadway Routine choreographed by Andrew Holsworth to ‘Mein Herr’ by Liza Minelli to the Soundtrack of Cabaret Liza Minnelli - Liza's Back - Mein Herr

2nd Half:
Nick & Jessie – Latin Ballroom (Cha-Cha) Choregoraphed by Jason Gilkison to ‘Istanbul 1:26am’ by The Orient Express Orient Expressions - Istanbul 1:26 AM - Istanbul 1:26 AM

Jess & Kieran – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Larissa McGowan to ‘Velvet Pants’ by The Propellerheads Propellerheads - Decksandrumsandrockandroll - Velvet Pants

Phillipe & Carly – Jazz Routine choreographed by The Squared Division to ‘I Like That’ by Richard Vision Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana - I Like That - I Like That

Robbie & Ivy – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Jason Bird & Katie Cessaro to ‘Memories’ by David Guetta feat. Kid Cuddi David Guetta - One Love - Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) (Also somebody asked wondering what this song was a few weeks ago this is the one that you are looking for)

Top 8 Results:
Group Routine a Contemporary Routine choreographed by Debbie Ellis (I have no idea what the song is called I hear it all the time but don’t know who sings it please post. It was featured in SYTYCD U.S. Season 2 in the first or second episode I think because I watched it last night)

Bottom 4 Dancers:

Guest Performance – Gabriella Cilmi performed ‘On A Mission’ dancers were choreographed by Kate Warmol Once again the song is not on iTunes sorry

Solo Songs: (sorry that I didn’t get them all)
Jess – ?
Carly – ?
Phillipe – ‘Gone’ by *NSYNC *NSYNC - Celebrity - Gone
Kieran – ‘Into the Night’ Santana feat. Chad Kroeger Santana - Into the Night (feat. Chad Kroeger) - Single - Into the Night (feat. Chad Kroeger)

Journey Songs:
Carly – ?
Kieran – ‘Better Man’ I don’t know who sings this

New Couples & Routines for tonight: (the game changed where Dancers had to chose the partner they haven’t danced with)
Robbie & Jess – Hip Hop & Lyrical Jazz
Phillipe & Jessie – Contemporary & Tango
Nick & Ivy – Contemporary & Jazz

Jason Coleman on the 7PM Project (19th March, 2010) & Jason C., Gianne, Amy & S3 contestant Will on The Biggest Loser to be posted soon or tomorrow if I don’t have the time. I’m going to have to upload Loser on another site due to copyright issues on You Tube with 10

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Fourth SYTYCD Season 7 Selected

Nigel just Tweeted:


I am delighted to say that @allisonholker is a #SYTYCD “All-Star.” From Season#2 she will represent Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway & Cultural. 41 minutes ago via web

Since I started watching in Season 3, I don’t know about about Allison Holker. What do y’all think? Here’s a video I just looked at to give me an idea of what Allison will bring to Season 7:

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