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SYTYCD US – Dance Plug Interviews with Producer Jeff Thacker, Cat Deeley & Adam Shankman at the L.A. Auditions

Jeff Thacker & Interviews with Auditionees: (Jeff was judge in the S1 Auditions with Bonnie & Nigel Lythgoe)

Cat Deeley:

Adam Shankman (& more Auditionees:

April 8, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Top 6 Results Show Song List & Results (Spoiler)

Group Performance a Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Supple to ‘Push Up’ by The Freestylers Freestylers - Raw As F**k - Push Up

Ivy – No Idea what the song is sorry
Jess – ‘Hide & Seek’ by Imogen Heap Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself - Hide and Seek
Jessie – ‘Your House’ by Alanis Morrisette Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Acoustic - Your House (Hidden Track)
Nick – No Idea what the song is sorry
Robbie – Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother Wolfmother - Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief
Phillipe – ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson Michael Jackson - The Essential Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Guest Performer – Jason Derulo performs ‘In My Head’ Jason DerĂ¼lo - In My Head - Single - In My Head

Dance Performance by The Sydney Dance Company choreographed by Rafael Bonacello to ‘Six Breaths’ (Own composition)

The Final 4:

Journey Songs:
Jess – Have no idea what the song is sorry
Nick – ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley - Grace - Hallelujah

Pretty much since throughout the Top 10 these final 4 were my picks. To win it’ll be between Robbie & Ivy but it’s really hard to pick who will win. Comment your thoughts on who will win

Also I will upload the Live Performer songs next week for everyone

Performance show next Wednesday night. No show Thursday. 5 routines each for everybody, Tyce Diorio will be choreographing the Top 2 boys. The Finale will be shown the following Wednesday. Don’t miss the Final 4 Performance at 8pm

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SYTYCD Australia – Top 6 Performance Live Songs Uploads (Only for Pure SYTYCD)

These are my personal cap and uploads if you want to use these elswhere please credit Pure SYTYCD

Mega Upload is the only site I could only upload these sorry. All files are MP3

Nick & Ivy – Contemporay Routine choreographed by Debbie Ellis to ‘The Flower Duet’ (from Lakme) Download Link

Phillipe & Jessie – Latin Ballroom (Tango) Routine choreographed by Fabio Robles to ‘La Cumparista’ Download Link

Robbie & Jess – Jazz Routine choreographed by Project Moda to ‘Heart’s a Mess’ Download Link

Also the song list from the Top 6 Results show will be posted later. I was called into work last night so I only managed to catch the first 15 minutes during my break. So as soon I get it online and watch it I”ll post it

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*Sixth SYTYCD Season 7 All-Star Selected*

Lucky number 6 is another season 4 vet, and arguably the best female hip hop dancer to ever be on the show! COMFORT is the next all-star!

from 3 hours ago:
I am positive #kingofkrump Will be happy to know that Comfort: #@comfortIVREAL is a #SYTYCD All-Star. She’s a bucc hop hop dancer. Phabb!!

This is an interesting choice, I think. She’s the first one to really only have one specialty. Each of the other all-stars he’s chosen excel in more than one area, like hip hop and broadway (Twitch) or contemporary and classical and hip hop (Ade) or contemporary and broadway (Kathryn) or contemporary and ballroom (Pasha). Also, she’s the 3rd dancer who’s main specialty is hip hop. Interesting…thoughts?

I’m still waiting to see if he chooses anyone from S1. Since we know he won’t pick Nick and Blake has already said he’s not doing it (though it IS Blake, so he could be messing with us), I would LOVE to see Melody.

If we’re gonna get at least a guy and a girl from each season (though I know that’s not possible b/c that would be 12 and we’re only having 10) then we’re missing a guy and a girl from S1, a guy from S2, a girl from S3, a girl from S5, and a guy from S6.

Send us your choices!

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