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SYTYCD Australia – Final 4 Perform Tonight with Tyce Diorio Choreograhing the Boys!

Tonight the Final 4 perform for your votes! Tonight you must vote for your favourite to win the 3rd season of SYTYCD.

Tyce Diorio will be choreographing Robbie & Phillipe, I have no idea whether it’s Contemporary or Broadway sorry.

The show starts at 8pm tonight after The Biggest Loser.

There will be no show tomorrow night, the finale will be shown live next Wednesday night at 8pm after MasterChef Australia

There has been no mention on what the styles will be for the final 4. I have had a look around on the Channel 10 Dance site and I couldn’t find anything.

The Song list will be posted tomorrow

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SYTYCD Alum on Dancing with the Stars

Thanks to Rickey, who has an excellent video on his site of the SYTYCD alum dancing tonight on Dancing with the Stars. Danny Tidwell! Nick Lazzarini! Jaimie Goodwin! Choreographed by Travis Wall!!!

This just goes to show that we’re spoiled by So You Think You Can Dance, a dream world where the dancer’s faces are in close-up while they dance. In the rest of the world, we get so few views of their faces and their expressions, not like we do on SYTYCD.

This performance was killer! It was nice to see the alum again!

John’s Update: Here’s the video of the performance

Also, check out more videos of Nuttin’ But Stringz on Pure America’s Got Talent.

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Cat Hosts…a Game Show?

I felt like this was a delayed April Fools’ joke when I saw it, but I’m excited nonetheless. It sounds like The Amazing Race meets Wheel of Fortune hosted by Cat. Even if I can never manage to see it, I’m glad it will (?) exist. Lol. Seen here:

The So You Think You Can Dance host, 33, will front Treasure Tag, in which contestants race around cities to win cash prizes.

It is a new take on the 1980s Treasure Hunt format hosted by Anneka Rice.

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SYTYCD 2010 All Star Breakdown

Emilie and Margaret have been doing a great job posting as Nigel has announced the various SYTYCD All Stars that will be seeing on SYTYCD 2010. One of our great readers, Marianya, posted a breakdown of all the SYTYCD 2010 All Stars that I thought other people who don’t read all the comments would enjoy reading. Here’s the an All Star break down… [Thanks Marianya]

All Stars by genre (either from Wikipedia or Nigel’s twitter)
– Mark: jazz, contemp
– Lauren: contemp
– Comfort: hiphop
– Ade: contemp, classical
– Allison: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Pasha: ballroom
– Kathryn: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Twitch: hiphop

Male/Female per genre
– 1 male/1 female –> hip hop
– 2 male/3 female –> contemporary
– 1 male –> classical
– 1 male/2 female –> jazz
– 2 female -> broadway, cultural
– 1 male –> ballroom

What’s missing so that each genre is one male / one female each at min
– male –> broadway / cultural
– female –> ballroom
– female –> classical

All Stars by Season
Season 2: Allison
Season 3: Pasha, Lauren
Season 4: Comfort, Twitch, Mark
Season 5: Ade
Season 6: Kathryn

Honestly, this is all speculation since we don’t know “exactly” what each All Star’s specialty is going to be in the end…

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