SYTYCD 2010 All Star Breakdown

Emilie and Margaret have been doing a great job posting as Nigel has announced the various SYTYCD All Stars that will be seeing on SYTYCD 2010. One of our great readers, Marianya, posted a breakdown of all the SYTYCD 2010 All Stars that I thought other people who don’t read all the comments would enjoy reading. Here’s the an All Star break down… [Thanks Marianya]

All Stars by genre (either from Wikipedia or Nigel’s twitter)
– Mark: jazz, contemp
– Lauren: contemp
– Comfort: hiphop
– Ade: contemp, classical
– Allison: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Pasha: ballroom
– Kathryn: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Twitch: hiphop

Male/Female per genre
– 1 male/1 female –> hip hop
– 2 male/3 female –> contemporary
– 1 male –> classical
– 1 male/2 female –> jazz
– 2 female -> broadway, cultural
– 1 male –> ballroom

What’s missing so that each genre is one male / one female each at min
– male –> broadway / cultural
– female –> ballroom
– female –> classical

All Stars by Season
Season 2: Allison
Season 3: Pasha, Lauren
Season 4: Comfort, Twitch, Mark
Season 5: Ade
Season 6: Kathryn

Honestly, this is all speculation since we don’t know “exactly” what each All Star’s specialty is going to be in the end…