Anya Garnis Announced As Next SYTYCD All Star

Anya Garnis, from SYTYCD Season 3 was just announced by Nigel as the next SYTYCD All Star for season 7. Here’s his full tweet:

It seems I forgot to Tweet an all-Star name yesterday? Sorry! One of our best Latin Ballroom partners ever on #SYTYCD ANYA is returning.

Anya and Pasha have been performing all over and seem pretty well tied to Nigel. They were on Superstars of Dance and DWTS also. I will admit that I will never forget Anya and Pasha’s first audition for SYTYCD. I think it was one of the best SYTYCD auditions ever. At least the best latin ballroom. In case you forgot, you can watch it again here:

Although, after that steamy and sexy performance neither of them lived up to that performance in their other performances. Although, as I rewatch this video, you also realize why Nigel wants Anya around so much;-)

I am a little disappointed with Anya being on the show. Not because I don’t like her. Just that I would have rather had Chelsie or Lacey on the show. Their DWTS contracts might have been the problem there.

Either way, Add Anya to the list of SYTYCD 2010 All Stars.