SYTYCD Australia – Finale Now 8pm Not 8:30pm

They did say last week that the finale will start at 8:30pm but it looks like now it’s back at it’s usual time of 8pm judging from the advertising that is being shown on Channel 10 at the moment.

I think due to the fact that Channel 10 receieved a lot of complaints from people saying that it’s finising too late where people have to go to work and school in the morning and think that the 10:30pm timeslot is a ridicolous idea to announce the winner, and that due to the fact tha MasterChef is starting tonight there are hour long episodes to be shown this week with the finale being shown of SYTYCD it looks like Masterchef will only be for a half hour.

We’ll also keep you guys updated if this is wrong

The voting lines will still close at 9:30pm

Once again, here are the voting numbers for the final 4 contestants:
SMS ‘Name’ to 19 10 10
Phone – Robbie – 1902 55 55 61
Ivy – 1902 55 55 62
Phillipe – 1902 55 55 63
Jessie – 1902 55 55 64

Also in some other news with cast of Fame that will be performing in the finale on Wednesday features 9 previous SYTYCD Australia contestants with Kelley Abbey choreographing the musical. There was a feature in The Herald Sun magazine today I’ll post the feature today or tomorrow