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SYTYCD Australia – Finale is Definitely 8:30pm!

Okay, Channel 10 mustive made an advertising error and I apologise for the mistake. I just wish Channel 10 would make sure they double check their advertising first before posting it.

The finale is definitely on at 8:30pm tomorrow night not at 8pm. Voting lines close at 9:30pm before the winner is announced at 10:30pm.

Just an update so far from the Twitter page of SYTYCDA that the Final 4 routine will be a Hip Hop routine choreographed by Jason Bird & Katie Cessaro

April 19, 2010 I Written By

Eleventh SYTYCD All-Star Selected

Yay!!! Nigel just Tweeted this about the newest All-Star:


@dizzyfeet She’s a little firecracker. She’s been Tyce’s assistant in Vegas this week. She’s a #SYTYCD All-Star. She’s Courtney Galliano. 2 minutes ago via Echofon

I adore Courtney, so I’m happy. Even though she wasn’t one of my Top 10 All-Stars, Courtney’s always been a favorite.. What do you think?

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