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SYTYCD – Chelsie Hightower Dancing With the Stars U.S. Season 10 TV Guide Interview

I had trouble embedding the video from You Tube (lately my server is not allowing me to do anything I want at the moment).

You can view the interview here:

April 20, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Finale Tonight & Voting Lines Are Still Open! Also Vote for Phillipe for a Friend on here!

The finale is on tonight at 8:30pm who will win Phillipe, Robbie, Ivy or Jessie??? The winner will be announced tonight on Channel 10 after MasterChef.

The voting lines are still open till 9:30pm so you still have a chance to vote for your fave. Here are the numbers:

SMS ‘Name’ to 19 10 10
or Phone:
Robbie – 1902 55 55 61
Ivy – 1902 55 55 62
Phillipe – 1902 55 55 63
Jessie – 1902 55 55 64

Also, Casey who has visited the site last week actually knows Phillipe, she is Phillipe’s little Sister. I have been getting in contact with her and she lives in New Zealand and she has family that has flown over to see Phillipe perform tonight in the finale. And she would love to have all Australian’s to vote for Phillipe for him to win the competition. Casey, I hope you don’t mind me posting this I apologise that I forgot to ask you.

Don’t forget the show starts at 8:30pm not 8pm tonight on Channel 10 with The Sydney Dance Theatre Company Performing, the cast of Fame (possibly all of the 9 previous SYTYCD Australia contestants will be performing) and Regina Spektor will be performing also.

The song list and the results will be posted tomorrow afternoon


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SYTYCD 2010 Final All Star Breakdown

Yay! With the announcement of the eleventh and twelfth All Stars here is the final breakdown:

All Stars by genre (either from Wikipedia or Nigel’s twitter)
– Neil: contemp, broadway
– Courtney: contemp
– Dominic: hiphop
– Anya: ballroom
– Mark: jazz, contemp
– Lauren: contemp
– Comfort: hiphop
– Ade: contemp, classical
– Allison: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Pasha: ballroom
– Kathryn: jazz, contemp, broadway, cultural
– Twitch: hiphop

Male/Female per genre
– 2 male/1 female –> hip hop
– 3 male/4 female –> contemporary
– 1 male –> classical
– 1 male/2 female –> jazz
– 1 male/2 female -> broadway
– 2 female -> cultural
– 1 male/1 female –> ballroom

All Stars by Season
Season 2: Allison
Season 3: Pasha, Lauren, Anya, Dominic, Neil
Season 4: Comfort, Twitch, Mark, Courtney
Season 5: Ade
Season 6: Kathryn

Ranking of each dancer prior to being voted off
– Neil -> Season 3 -> Top 4
– Courtney -> Season 4 -> Top 4
– Dominic -> Season 3 -> Top 8
– Anya –> Season 3 –> Top 12
– Mark –> Season 4 –> Top 6
– Lauren –> Season 3 –> Top 6
– Comfort –> Season 4 –> Top 8/12
– Ade –> Season 5 –> Top 6
– Allison –> Season 2 –> Top 8
– Pasha –> Season 3 –> Top 6
– Kathryn –> Season 6 –> Top Girl
– Twitch –> Season 4 –> Second Guy

So what do you guys think? 😀

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Twelfth SYTYCD All-Star Selected

Yay! I guessed right!

@dizzyfeet: Neil Haskell! Please! about 11 hours ago via web

Nigel just Tweeted:

So many of you guessed right. #@NeilHaskell is the final #SYTYCD All-Star. Many others will get a chance next season. Keep working on D-Day!  27 minutes ago

Neil was one of my Top 10 All-Stars, so I’m super excited. How about you?

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