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SYTYCD Australia – Finale Song List

Top 20 Group Opening Routine – ‘When Love Takes Over’ by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland Laidback Luke Remix choreographed by Jason Gilkison & Matt Lee, Bonnie Lythgoe directed the opening at the Sydney State Theatre which was filmed earlier in the week David Guetta - When Love Takes Over (Remixes) - EP

Top 4 Group Routine (Phillipe, Robbie, Ivy & Jessie) – Hip Hop choreographed by Jason Bird & Katie Cessaro to ‘Tea Party’ by Kerli Kerli - Almost Alice (Music Inspired By the Motion Picture) - Tea Party

The Cast of Fame Perform in ‘Own Composition’ which featured Former SYTYCD Contestants from Seasons 1&2 – Talia, Ben, BJ, Amy, Timomatic, Camilla, Stephen, Marko & Charlie the shows are on in Melbourne at the moment and will move onto Brisbane & Sydney in the next few months (a girl that I know at work actually went and saw it this week and she has said it’s a must see!)

Final 4 Memorable Performances:
Jessie & Robbie – Hip Hop Routine choreographed by Jason Bird & Katie Cessaro to ‘Talk Show Host’ by Radiohead Radiohead - The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition) - Talk Show Host
Ivy & Phillipe – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Sher Manu to ‘Colourblind’ by Counting Crows Counting Crows - This Desert Life - Colorblind
Phillipe & Jessie – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Jason Winters to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Tori Amos Tori Amos - B of A Pavilion, Boston, MA 8/21/05 - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Robbie & Ivy – Latin Ballroom Routine (Paso Doble) choreographed by Jason Gilkison to ‘The Sweet Diposition’ by The Temper Trap The Temper Trap - Conditions - Sweet Disposition

Guest Performanc: Regina Spektor Performs ‘Eet’ Regina Spektor - Far (Bonus Track Version) - Eet

Final 2 Possible Routines: (The Top 4 were choreographed these Routines for the Top 2 that the Top 2 danced for before the winner was announced)
Ivy & Jessie – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Sarah Boulter
Robbie & Phillipe – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Jason Winters
Guy & Girl – Contemporary Routine choroegraphed by Debbie Ellis

Top 10 Group Routine – Hip Hop choreographed by Juliet ‘Jet’ Verne to ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ by Timbaland feat. Katy Perry Timbaland - Shock Value II - If We Ever Meet Again (feat. Katy Perry)

The Winner’s Prizes: (The winner must choose 1 of these prizes below)
To dance with Australian Dance Theatre Company with Gary Stewart
To perform in ‘Burn the Floor’ in the U.S. for 35 weeks with Jason Gilkison
To perform in the Australian Stage Musical Hairspray with choreographer Jason Coleman and Director David Atkins
& $200,000 and the title of Australia’s Favourite Dancer

Guest Dance Performance: Australian Dance Theatre Company in ‘Own Composition’

1st Elimination:
Phillipe – Journey Song I have no idea what the song is

Top 20 Performance to ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’ choreographed by Jason Coleman (which also featured some dancers from the Top 100) Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron, John Travolta, Elijah Kelley, Queen Latifah & Amanda Bynes - Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture) - You Can't Stop the Beat

2nd Elimination:
Ivy – Journey Song I have no idea what the song is

Final 2:
Robbie & Jessie

Final 2 Routine (Robbie & Jessie) – Contemporary Routine choreographed by Debbie Ellis to ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - Romanza - Time to Say Goodbye

Journey Songs:
Jessie – ‘I Don’t Believe You’ by P!nk P!nk - Funhouse (Deluxe Version) - I Don't Believe You
Robbie – Journey Song I have no idea what the song is

April 21, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Australia – Results The Winner Announced (Spoiler!)

Robbie won the competition with Jessie as runner-up, Ivy was 3rd with Phillipe 4th.

Here’s the Official News from the Official SYTYCD Channel 10 Site:

It has been an action packed series of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ for 2010. From the very first audition held in sunny Brisbane with thousands of dancers, to the Grand Final where one dancers name,”Robbie” was read out by Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Australia’s Favourite on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

Robbie has not only scored $200,000… but… he was also offered to choose one of three exclusive contracts. A choice between performing with contemporary company Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) in their annual season “Ignition” 2010 at the Adelaide Festival Centre… or a 35 week tour of the United States with Jason Gilkison’s ballroom hit Burn The Floor. And as if that isn’t enough, he also has the choice to take on a role in the upcoming Australian production in the smash hit HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL. Our very own judge Jason Coleman is the Choreographer of this one!

So which one will he choose?

Fireworks, a strong dance routine choreographed by the forever amazing Jason Gilkison and a reunited Top 20 hit our stage for the spectacular opening of the 2010 SYTYCD Grand Final! Starting with Don’s signature move our Top 20 were reunited in dance. A jaw dropping routine saw our Top 20 all dressed in black and white, with creative and modern dance costumes. Our Top 4 entered the dance floor from the roof. That’s right… they were lowered down from the ceiling on a platform dressed in black and gold. Fireworks went off as they landed down on the stage. This memorable piece received a standing ovation! (Check out Catch Up TV to see why!)

We took a step into Alice in Wonderland’s world as this routine was inspired by the movie. This gob smacking hip hop piece was choreographed creatively by Jason Bird and Katie Cesaro. This CRAZY and inspirational routine was full of isolations, fast movements and perfectly coordinated sections that had the audience applauding a standing ovation and screams of excitement!
The Costume Department went to town with this routine!! The performances was so dramatic with big Hair, painted faces, CRAZY costumes… and even their fingernails were painted as part of the outfit. Check out the photo gallery now!

SYTYCD seems to be a common trait with many of FAME The Musical’s cast and crew.

There are 8 previous So You Think You Can Dance contestants cast in FAME The Musical and our very own SYTYCD choreographer Kelley Abbey is the Director & Choreographer. Not only that, Janet Hines the Head of the Wardrobe Department for SYTYCD is also the creative mind behind FAME The Musical’s Costume Design.

The cast of FAME The Musical sent all of the audience’s feet tapping along with their outstanding performance. There was a mix of ballet, contemporary, tap and salsa on show and costumes so stunning that leaves you aching for me. This hit musical is “a classic of cinema, television and musical theatre.”
The musical follows a bunch of students through their time at New York City’s legendry High School of the Performing Arts. This multi-million dollar production is now playing at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne & is only open for 8 weeks! FAME The Musical will make its way to the Lyric Theatre Qpac in Brisbane from 16th June and then the show will open in Sydney during September.

The ensemble’s previous SYTYCD contestants include:
The winner of the 2009 SYTYCD series Talia Fowler and remember hip hop, popper & break dancer ‘Timomatic’? Tim reached the Top 8 in SYTYCD 2009 and is a Principal, playing ‘Tyrone Jackson.’ Then there’s Charlie Bartley who was the runner-up of SYTYCD 2009 series. Amy Campbell finished third in SYTYCD Season 2. BJ Rorke was a Top 6 finalist in the 2009 So You Think You Can Dance. Stephen Tannos was also a part of the Top 20 in the 2009 season. Camilla Jakimowicz made the Top 12 dancers on Season 1 of SYTYCD and dancer and choreographer Marko Panzic hit our screens in the 1st series of SYTYCD, where he was a Top 20 finalist. Marko has since returned for the 2nd & 3rd series as a featured choreographer.

The Academy award winning movie FAME hit our screens back in 1980. The TV show ran for 6 seasons and that too won several Emmy Awards and get this… was broadcast to over 70 countries.


The competitions two youngest who are trained in contemporary took to the floor performing to Radiohead’s track ’Talkshow host.’ This memorable piece was choreographed by the outstanding Jason B & Katie C.

Ivy & Phillipe were up next. Who could forget the emotion filled lyrical contemporary piece from week 6. The couple performed this graceful routine based around a piano left the judges “speechless” in week 6 and was choreographed by the fantastic, Sher Manu. Check out this moving routine on Catch up TV!

Phillipe & Jessie H teamed up with International choreographer Jason Winters in Top 6 week to learn a contemporary piece to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Tori Amos. Jason Winters explained that Phillipe & Jessie H’s characters “have been partners for their whole life, he gets sent off to war and he gets wounded and loses his sight.” Jessie H teaches Phillipe to dance again in a “whole new way.”

During Top 14 week Robbie and Ivy performed a Paso Doble choreographed by the talented Jason Gilkison. The passionate piece was danced to The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition.’

US singer, songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor rocked the SYTYCD stage! Backed by drums, a violin and a cello, Regina’s music came to life as she performed her track ‘Eet’ off her latest album ‘Far.’ Spektor has come a long way since her first recordings in her college basement and from performing in front of small crowds in New York City, to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Her second album Begin To Hope, released in 2006 has sold over a million copies worldwide. Her new album Far is out in stores now. Spektor is currently touring Australia until the end of the month and will be performing in NZ before heading back home to New York.

A flashback of a routine as the Top 10 hit the stage to perform a hip hop number choreographed by Juliette ‘Jet’ Verne. Performing to Justin Timberlake’s ‘If We Ever Meet Again,’ our dancers were statues painted gold, silver and bronze from head to toe. Matt was the only one dressed in modern attire. (Check out the creative costumes in the photo gallery now!) There movements were individual, on the beat, sharp and expressive.

The winner of SYTYCD will have the opportunity to work with ADT (Australian Dance Theatre) as one of their major prizes. Five dancers, three girls and four boys from the ADT performed a contemporary piece choreographed by Gary Stewart. With all of the dancers dressed in white, the movement was full of isolations, sharp movements, partner work and a lot of floor work.

Anxiously and nervously standing side-by-side, our Top 4 dancers wait to hear the verdict of whose SYTYCD journey has ended. The first dancer to be announced safe in the competition was Ivy. Then there were 3. Next to join her was Jessie H. Standing tall arm-in-arm both boys Robbie & Phillipe patiently awaited their verdict… The person safe from the fourth position was Robbie. Phillipe came fourth in 2010’s SYTYCD competition. Phillipe & Robbie shared a hug on stage and exchanged words before Robbie left the stage and Phillipe took to the microphone. Phillipe spoke about the “absolutely incredible journey” SYTYCD has been and thanked his family, his friends, the Judges and “3 of the most incredible dancers in this country”, Ivy, Jessie H & Robbie. He said to Jason how he remembers him saying to come out and feel like you were signing your name on the stage. Phillip said “I didn’t then, but I do now.”

Another opportunity for this year’s winner of SYTYCD will have the opportunity to choose to take on a role in HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL. Our SYTYCD Judge Jason Coleman is the choreographer for this musical. HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL features our Top 20 dancers from this year’s competition. The musical follows a girl’s passion and dream to dance. To add to the entertaining piece a bunch of cheerleaders were tossing up their cast members. When asked about the musical Jason coleman said “it’s so exciting to be working with dancers who really want it.”

So where do the judges go from here?
Well, Bonnie is going back to LA to direct Cinderella. Matt will be heading to Melbourne to star in Mary Poppins and Jason Coleman is directing HAIRSPRAY THE MUSICAL.

Our Top 3 were about to become our Top 2. Robbie’s name was first to be read out as being safe in the competition so it came down to our 2 girls, Ivy & Jessie H. The So You Think You Can Dance Journey had come to an end for Ivy, who finished in third position. Ivy had tears rolling down her cheek as the crowd gave her a standing ovation with shock and excitement all over their faces.

During her journey through the SYTYCD competition she mentioned that she has “realised how powerful being a performer is.” Ivy in tears took to the microphone and thanked Pamela (Talent & travel manager), Julie (Executive Producer) and Andrew (Series Producer). She also the judges and her family and friends, not to mention the Top 20 and Robbie’s family for being her “Sydney support.” She especially thanked Robbie and said that he really changed her experience on the show and helped her to become a faster and better dancer.

The #1 spot is sooooo close! Our Top 2 dancers took to the stage performing a contemporary piece choreographed by Debbie Ellis. Both dancers showed the Australian audience why they are our Top 2 and dressed quite smart with Robbie in a suit and Jessie H in a red dress. The routine was full of floor work, high kicks and partner work. They ended up lying on the front of the stage reaching out towards the audience. The judges and the audience rose out of their seats as a standing ovation was given once again.

A clip of Jessie H’s journey through SYTYCD 2010 was shown and a few moving quotes from her were remembered “if you put in time, I think your talent will come out eventually.” Jessie H thanked everyone for supporting the show and thanked her parents who were in tears of happiness.

Robbie video clip took us on a journey back to his first audition. Even though Robbie hadn’t yet been announced the winner of SYTYCD 2010, his clip had him saying “how far I have come today, I already feel that I’ve won.” He thanked Australia, the judges for being his biggest mentors, the producers and “last but not least” his family. The people who couldn’t get tickets to come to the show would round up a bunch of people and go to Robbie’s local RSL club to cheer him on.

Jessie H & Robbie went to high school together and have been best friends for so long. They have spent hours in make-up together and in wardrobe and have performed 33 routines EACH!

Jason spoke first and congratulated both of the “extraordinary dancers” and said that they have “danced with no fear.” Bonnie thinks both dancers are “incredible” and she loves them both. Matt said that Robbie & Jessie H are the “strongest technicians we’re ever had on our show “he was “so nervous” he said he was about to pee his pants.

The two best friends stood side-by-side holding hand nervously awaiting the verdict. Natalie dragged out the announcement of the verdict and the tension and nerves showed as Robbie & Jessie stood patiently. Australia’s favourite dancer for SYTYCD 2010 is… ROBBIE!

Confetti and glitter streamed from the edges of the stage over the top of this year’s winner and runner up. Tears of joy streamed quickly down Robbie’s shocked face. Jessie H & Robbie shared a hug with tears and his family came up on stage to join him, also crying. He has come such a long way from being a “nervous teenager who didn’t want to smile because of his braces” and the youngest dancer in our Top 10.

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Odd and Random SYTYCD 4/21/10

First, I just read an article that claims Adam Shankman is being considered to direct a “Wizard of Oz” prequel tentatively titled “Oz, The Great and Powerful” and starring Robert Downey, Jr.

Also, in odd and random (and interesting) SYTYCD news, entertainment betting lines are already open for SYTYCD Season 7. Seriously. Though I’m not being a gambler (but one of my roommates was a professional poker player), I find this fascinating. You can check out the betting odds here. Apparently, the odds were Male -150 and Female +110 as of the 14th, though they change every week (no new numbers yet, as far as I can tell).

Washington Post staff writer Sarah Kaufman, who won the 2010 criticism Pulitzer Prize wrote a SYTYCD article last year, which was one of the pieces submitted for Pulitzer consideration. It’s a great read, as proved by this little snippet:

Melissa had the nano-dress, the spiked heels, the hiccupping rhythm. Even so, something was wrong with her cha-cha.

The judges on “So You Think You Can Dance” knew where the fault lay. Melissa is, by training, a ballet dancer, and those polite hips and her tea-at-the-Ritz posture had gotten in her way. No amount of sequins or daringly exposed skin could make up for the fact that her cha-cha needed a mojito. More heft, more hips, more Havana.

Check out this section from the question-and-answer Sarah Kaufman did after winning:

Kensington, MD: I am a big fan. I loved your article on “So You Think You Can Dance,” one of my favorite shows. My husband and I used to subscribe to the Kennedy Center Ballet, and I would check out your review before every show. Thanks so much for your great work!

Sarah Kaufman: Mwah!! Big hug. Thank you. I loved writing that piece. I only hope there will be a spillover from TV dance to live theater dance. Glad to know you’re helping the cause!

What do you think of all these odd STYCYD-related items?

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Burn the Floor with the Di Lellos

For those of you who love the Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello, I just read a great article about them joining the cast of Burn the Floor, along with Season 7 All-Stars Anya and Pasha, and their fellow Season 6 contestant Karen Hauer.

Check it out!

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Season 7 Musing

So, some of us have said how much we’d love to see the Season 7 All-Stars dancing together. I’m sitting here at work, anticipating May 27th and thinking how much I want to see that.

My suggestion to the SYTYCD producers? Nix the elimination show music performances in favor of having an All-Star routine each week. OR, you could even have the All-Stars dance to live music, as Dancing with the Stars has done and as SYTYCD AU did recently.

Some match-ups I’d love to see:

A group number, of course, with all twelve of them. The All-Star girls’ and guys’ routines. Yay!! Who wouldn’t love to see Twitch and Lauren or Twitch and Kathryn? Ooohhh, Kathryn and Neil! Neil and Courtney! Courtney and Ade? Ade and Anya would be interesting. Mark and Allison? Comfort and Dominic?

Which All-Stars would you love to see dancing together?

The best part is that the producers still have time to get this together, if they haven’t already planned it.

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