Season 7 Musing

So, some of us have said how much we’d love to see the Season 7 All-Stars dancing together. I’m sitting here at work, anticipating May 27th and thinking how much I want to see that.

My suggestion to the SYTYCD producers? Nix the elimination show music performances in favor of having an All-Star routine each week. OR, you could even have the All-Stars dance to live music, as Dancing with the Stars has done and as SYTYCD AU did recently.

Some match-ups I’d love to see:

A group number, of course, with all twelve of them. The All-Star girls’ and guys’ routines. Yay!! Who wouldn’t love to see Twitch and Lauren or Twitch and Kathryn? Ooohhh, Kathryn and Neil! Neil and Courtney! Courtney and Ade? Ade and Anya would be interesting. Mark and Allison? Comfort and Dominic?

Which All-Stars would you love to see dancing together?

The best part is that the producers still have time to get this together, if they haven’t already planned it.