SYTYCD Australia – Robbie’s Prize Pick

A lot of the fans were saying that Robbie would be picking Australian Dance Theatre Company which is actually a Contemporary Dance Company where Robbie’s Dance style is contemporary.

But a bit of surprise for his prize Robbie decided to choose ‘Burn the Floor’ instead. Where he will travel across the U.S. in 35 dates across the country with Jason Gilkison.

Here’s the Official News on what Robbie will do with the money and why he decided to choose ‘Burn the Floor’: (edited due to mistake)
In a spectacular, dance-packed finale, Robbie has been crowned Australia’s favourite dancer winning $200,000 and a unique opportunity to choose one of three amazing dance contracts.

In the offering; tour America as part of Jason Gilkison’s dance sensation “Burn the Floor”, a role in Australian Dance Theatre’s “Ignition” at the Adelaide Festival Centre, or a part in the Australian production of the Broadway musical “Hairspray”.

Robbie, 18 from Allawah NSW, has chosen “Burn the Floor”, saying he “couldn’t resist the idea of travelling overseas and learning from the master himself, Jason Gilkison”.

As for the prize money, well he’s got plans for that too!

“I will give more than half to my family and use the other half to go to America to do workshops for about three months. I’d also like to buy a hot car, a Jeep Wrangler I’m thinking…”

Jessie Hesketh, 19 from Sylvania NSW is this year’s runner up. She has been a hot favourite all year and has dazzled us week after week with some of the most spectacular dancing we have seen on the show. This will not be the last we see of her!

So that’s it for another year – remember, keep stretching and always always always point those toes….