SYTYCD Cross Country Dance Comparison

Many thanks to Margaret for this tidbit, I figured that I would bring it out for you guys to see…

The first song in this post is Don’t Touch Me Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water on 'Em) - Single - Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) by Busta Rhymes danced as hip-hop.

From SYTYCD US Season 4 Week 3: Kherington Payne and Stephen “Twitch” Boss. Choreography by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo (aka NappyTabs).

From SYTYCD Canada Season 1 Week 4: Nico Archambault and Arassay Reyes choreographed by Luther Brown

So who do you think danced it better? The Canadians or the Americans? 😀

Better yet, how about this dance comparison:

Using the song Sweet Dreams are Made of These by Eurythmics. Both dances are choreographed by Mandy Moore in the Jazz style…

From SYTYCD US Season 3 Week 8: Sabra Johnson and Neil Haskell

From SYTYCD UK Season 1 Week 6: Lizzie Gough and Tommy Franzén (Lizzie’s from London and Tommy’s from Sweden)

So who danced what better? 🙂

Disclaimer: The UK Version was brought to my attention a long time ago, I do not claim knowledge of it’s existence prior to it being introduced to me. 😀