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SYTYCD Australia – Finale Opening Routine, The Cast of Fame Perform Videos & Regina Spektor Song Download

Please comment. I would love to hear your thoughts on the work I have done I haven’t heard anything from anybody on how much work I have done on this show.

Regina Spektor Performs ‘Eet’ Download Link

The Cast of Fame Perform Audio Download Link

Opening Group Routine: (Must See) (choreographed by Jason Gilkison & Matt Lee with Bonnie Lythgoe directing the Sydney State Theatre Opening)

The Cast of Fame Perform (including former SYTYCD Contestants Talia, Charlie, BJ, Camilla, Timomatic, Ben, Amy, Stephen & Marko) choreographed & directed by Kelley Abbey

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April 26, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 7’s Top 24

SYTYCDism posted a list of the Top 24 contestants. They haven’t been narrowed down to the Top 10 who’ll dance with the All-Stars, but they’re a pretty exciting bunch, as is. It’ll be sad to see any of them go.


Alexie Agdeppa (I’m SO excited about this one! Hope she’s Top 10)
[With Pauline Mata!]

Ashley Galvan

Bridget Krouse

Cheryl Smith

Christina Santana

Jacelyn Orle

Katie Muth

Lauren Froderman

Lexie Contursi

Melinda Sullivan

Missy Morelli

Ryan Ramirez
[With Mia Michaels!]


Adechike Torbert
-No Video Found-

Adrian Lee

Alex Wong (Yay!)

Anthony Burrell

Anthony Kin

Billy Bell (YAY! Seemed like a given, but you just never know…)
[With Jeanine Mason!]

Chris Koehl

DuJuan “DJ” Smart

Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz

Kent Boyd

Robert Roldan
[Psst! Click through to YouTube – looks like Robert’s danced with a lot of the STYYCD alum already!]

Sergey Onik

What do y’all think of our Season 7 Top 24? Which ones would you most like to see in the Top 10?

I Written By