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SYTYCD Season 7 Premiere Party Interviews

I had a bit of time here they are

Pretty funny in this interview that Tyce is texting while he was being interviewed and his reaction LOL:

May 30, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Canada – Nicolas, Vincent & Kim Blueprint Cru World of Dance Performance May 2010

It looks like Kim has joined her boyfriend Vincent & fellow Season 2 contestant in the crew now.

Also if you are wondering where this is from on 5:05 – 5:47 it’s from America’s Best Dance Crew in the Lady Gaga challenge which won them immunity in the challenge. Check out the video it’s a must see!

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Jakob Karr & Karla Garcia in Australia for Ballet Production

Just something I caught in the paper today. Season 5 contestant Karla Garcia & Season 6 Runner-up Jakob Karr are in Australia as members of New York’s new wave Rock the Ballet troupe for a string of performances to be shown at the State Theatre in Melbourne, Victoria at Melbourne’s Arts Centre starting tomorrow.

For more info go to the website here

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SYTYCD Season 7 – Who is Henry & Where do we know him from???

For those people who caught the New York Auditions on Thursday of SYTYCD Season 7. Some people will be wondering where do I know Ballroom dancer Henry from?

Well, actually, he was a SYTYCD Australia Contestant in Season 1 and was also featured in Dancing With the Stars Australia

Here’s a video of him with former contestant Vanessa in a African Samba routine that was choreographed by Jason Gilkison

Also found another video of Henry with his partner that he auditioned with Giselle that was featured in Superstars of Dance:

I don’t know if rules does allow former contestants from other countries allowed to compete in the U.S. version but he has seemed to improve a lot better than he was in the Australian version.

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SYTYCD Season 7 News Roundup

Here are some fun items covering SYTYCD Season 7 and the premiere.

I love this one mostly for the picture – everybody’s smiling so big that their eyes are closed (except Nasty Nigel, who IS smiling, but with his eyes wide open). And here’s a fun quote: “…it really is a warm weather series. Mostly because everyone on it is always sweaty and almost naked.”

Cat reveals she watches the show in her pjs, in her interview with Korbi. Best quote ever: “‘You know, Ryan [Seacrest], you’re one of the hardest working men in show business I know. But I do everything that you do, but in a mini skirt and four-inch heels …’ But he did say he has been known before to get in a mini skirt and heels. But only on weekends, apparently.” Here’s another interview with Cat. And another. And a interview, as well. Annnnd a Reality Rocks interview that includes a cute pic of Cat with Dominic.

Korbi also interviewed Mia, who decided she needed a signature move since she’s replacing the resident “screamer.” Here’s what she came up with: “Maybe I need to do the thing where, [whenever] anything I love [is done], I get to just throw my leg on the table with the shoe… maybe I need to take my shoe and just put it on the table,” she says in the video below. “You know what, I think we’ve just created something that might be legendary, actually.”

And because Korbi rocks, she also interviewed Nigel, who revealed that though both Billy Bell and Alex Wong made it to Vegas Week, only one got a coveted Season 7 Top 10 slot. No offense, Alex Wong, but I hope it’s Billy Bell.

MTV noted the influx of contemporary dancers in New York and Miami (at least shown). Check out this MTV article mostly for the awesome pic of Mia (and her shoulder tattoo!).

SYTYCDism has more photoshoot images up. First, new group shot. Check out Lauren-Mark-Kathryn in the middle. HOT! Then, an image of the judges! Then, headshots and action shots of each of the All-Stars. Yes, they’re all mightily airbrushed. But they are pretty. AND, Neil is sexier than ever before! And that’s saying something!

Entertainment Weekly announced the premiere’s ratings and said that SYTYCD/FOX “won the night,” against the likes of FlashForward‘s series finale. Check out their recap of the premiere here. They’re always entertaining, even when I disagree wildly with them, like I do about Teddy Tedholm – “You remember in Mean Girls when Regina told Gretchen to stop trying to make fetch happen? Well, I wish SYTYCD would stop trying to make 18-year-old Teddy Tedholm happen. Perhaps I’ll eat my words later, but Nigel & Co., Teddy Tedholm is not going to happen. Sorry.”

This item also reports on the premiere’s ratings, but uses a photo of female dancers on a SYTYCD-like stage and I don’t recognize a single dancer. Can anybody name who these dancers are? I’m thinking maybe a former season of Canada since it’s still North America.

Check out tons of pictures from the Fox-hosted premiere viewing party, including a few details of Cat’s ensemble (which makes sense, now that she’s designing her own QVC line). Judges, choreographers and All-Stars are represented, as well as random actresses showing off their legs. Check out these selected (by moi!) images:

Check out these bios of the All-Stars, Mia, Cat and Adam by TVGrapevine. I selected the bio for Courtney for my link, but if you look to the left, they’re all there.

Click on this piece just for the Sonya choreography reel at the bottom.

Here’s an interview with Mia, talking about being back on SYTYCD and the new rules. “I’m all about the art of dance. I’m sitting in a very commercial world, but I come from a different point of view because that’s what really turns me on with dance is the artistry and the commitment and the work ethic and the craft.” Here’s another interview with Mia. And another. And another where she calls herself the “artsy-fartsy” judge.

Check out this hysterical “edit” of the All-Star photo, complete with thought bubbles. Found it here. Read more..

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SYTYCD All-Stars on Ellen 5.27.10

Mark and Lauren had tweeted that they were going to be dancing on ELLEN with some of the all-stars, but I was in class so I missed seeing it live. Thank goodness for YouTube! Here’s the clip, it features Mark, Allison, Twitch, Lauren, Comfort, Dominic and Kathryn. Missing 🙁 are Neil, Courtney, Ade, Anya and Pasha.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them all dance together. Allison looks AMAZING for having had a baby!! Wow. I wish we could have seen all 12 of them but this was really fun.

clip credit: TheRandyOrtonLegendX

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Returning for Season 7

Louis Van Amstel. He tweeted this yesterday: As far as i know i WILL BE part of SYTYCD this coming season.
Im actually really looking fwd to this season
This is news I like for obvious reason that Louis is an amazing ballroom choreographer. Also it gives me hope that maybe we could see Dmitry, Lacey, or Chelsie. So welcome back Louis can’t wait to see what you will bring to season 7.

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Dance is one of my biggest passions. I grew up dancing at Augusta West Dance Studio (the same studio that Kathryn McCormick). I have a BFA in theatre/dance from Valdosta State University. Tap is my favorite style of dance.

Cat Deeley – Jimmy Kimmel Live 26th May 2010 Full Interview

With a huge response with the Cat Deeley interview with the LA Times yesterday I thought I’ll post this as well

May 27, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 7 Premiere Thoughts

Wow, what an episode! I’m still reeling, to be honest, but I want to post my thoughts while they’re still fresh.

-I’m with Amanda and our commenter Kevin: I’m so glad the majority of the episode focused on the good dancing instead of the bad. I hate watching bad auditions (though, guess it’s only fair that we witness a fraction of what the judges must see). Especially since they’ll be whittled down to a Top 10 before we can bond with them, I’m glad we have this extra bit more time with them now. But HOW will the judges pick just 10? As Kevin also said, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to do it. BUT, I do hope that they change the rules so that whoever makes the Top 24/20/whatever get to compete again. It’s only fair.

-The music was incredible tonight. Loved hearing Sam Sparrow’s “Back & Gold” Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Bonus Track Version) - Black & Gold again (I always do), but there were several new (to me) songs I just had to have, like Rebecca Sayre’s “New Girl” Rebecca Sayre - New Girl - New Girl and Damien Rice’s “All Dressed Up (Prague)” Damien Rice - O (Deluxe Version) - Eskimo (w/hidden tracks "Prague" and "Silent Night"). Our readers have been INCREDIBLY helpful tonight in naming the music!

-LOVED seeing Mia back! And Sonya and Jason Gikison! But what was with all the crying? Okay, okay, I got it each time it happened. I just seemed to happen a lot. But, that’s probably a good thing… just not when we’re cutting down to 10 and I’m attached to everybody.

-Cat was adorable – she always is! I have to say, I don’t like that she avoided asking, “are you nervous to be here because you’re a “bigger” dancer than typical? She asked the contestant (Megan Carter?) what she was nervous about, naming several possibilities, but never voiced the one we all knew was affecting Megan. BUT, it was only a slight dissatisfaction on my part. Her wonderful interviews more than made up for it.

Those are just a few. WHat do you think? What are your Premiere Thoughts for Season 7?

I Written By interview with Cat Deeley

another article popped up this morning with the adorable Cat Deeley talking about the epicness that is going to be season 7. She mentioned one new change that I don’t think I’d seen about this season. Here’s the quote: What else is in store for the new season?
Deeley: Before we would prerecord the performance show and then go live on the results show, but this year we’re actually going live with both shows. Basically anything can happen and it will. Just from experience there’s always going to be those moments where something’s going to go wrong or a piece of scenery is going to come down. No matter what happens, mistakes can happen, accidents, but whatever happens as long as you deal with it in the right way, the audience will love to see it. It feels as though they’re part of the gang; it makes it very real.

I think this is a really good idea and I think Cat explains it really well. I’m counting down…t-2.5 hours here out west! hope you east coasters are having fun!! yay season 7!!

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