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So You Think You Can Dance – Live?

Wow, I just read that SYTYCD Season 7 is going to have not just live results shows, but PERFORMANCE shows will be live as well. Incredible!

Check out the article linked above. It has great mini-interviews with Nigel, Mia, Adam, Cat and Twitch!

What do you think about this new change? Are you excited that there doesn’t seem to be any end to the “newness” of Season 7? Or are you over it? I gotta admit that while I’m a little over the constant trickle of new information, I have loved almost all of the announced changes. I wasn’t loving the “yes/no at the contestants’ home” change, but after reading this article, it’s sounding better and better.

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Adam Shankman and Miley Cyrus Dance…

I feel weird about posting this, but it IS SYTYCD news. Wonder if I should file it under “odd and random.”

TMZ and Korbi (who I love) at reported that Miley gave Adam a “lap dance” at the Last Song wrap party. And there’s video (you can watch at the link above).

After watching it, John said, “Just creepy.” If it were anyone else but Adam, I’d probably agree. I mostly think this was a case of people who love to dance just dancing without realizing the awkward/creepy/inappropriateness of their actions. Because, they probably didn’t expect there to be video.

Plus, there’s always inappropriateness at wrap parties. Seriously. As I said to John:

(5:44:42 PM): i think they’re just close
(5:44:43 PM): and they’re dancing
(5:44:59 PM): and they’re not attaching sexuality to their actions
(5:45:05 PM): because he’s gay and she’s illegal

I think we treat Miley as an adult in so many ways – the decisions she makes about her future, the amount of money she brings in – and then we act horrified when she acts adult-like in terms of her sexuality and her behavior. I call hypocrisy. Though Adam probably should’ve known better. Seriously.

What do y’all think?

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Mia Will Still Choreograph!

Korbi (who reported from Vegas Week for and who looks just a little like Glee‘s Rachel Berry) just Tweeted:

Mia says her new role as a permanent judge this season will NOT keep her from choreographing: #SoYouThinkYouCanDance 11 minutes ago via web

That’s exciting news! It makes sense since Nigel Tweeted that Mary would still guest judge. So I guess Mary will sit in (or someone else will) when Mia choreographs. Yaaaaaay! The best of every possible world. What do you think?

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SYTYCD Season 7 Twist

I just read an article where Nigel reveals yet another twist this season.

Nigel also tweeted another twist on SYTYCD this season. Dancers will not be told if they’ve made the top 10 in the studio but in their homes.

Not sure how I feel about this one. What do you think, y’all?

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