SYTYCD – Official FOX Press Release & 2 More Promos

tWitch is a Season 7 All-Star Season 7 is rapidly approaching and, as you probably know, the season includes 12 All-Stars in addition to 10 new competitors. If you’re wondering what an all-star is and how it will impact Season 7, you’ve come to the right place!

An all-star is a former So You Think You Can Dance finalist who is “dominant in their genre of dance,” Nigel Lythgoe stated in a recent press call. “The competitors, instead of drawing the genre of dance out of the hat, will draw a photograph of one of the all-stars and that will dictate the genre of dance that they’re going to be dancing.” For example, instead of a Season 7 competitor pulling out the word “Hip Hop” from a hat, they’d pull out a photo of tWitch, which means they’ll be performing some type of Hip Hop dance (including krump, pop locking, and more). Then the Season 7 finalist will partner up with tWitch for the week and the two will learn choreography from one of the show’s choreographers, such as Lil C.

The all-stars will not be choreographing and they will not be judged. They will merely be partnering one of the Season 7 competitors. In addition, the competitors will draw a different partner of the opposite gender each week, which means their style of dance will change each week.

Out of the thousands of dancers who auditioned for Season 7, only 10 will be selected for the show: just five guys and five girls. Only one competitor will leave each week, based on who received the fewest votes from the public’s calls. That means that not every all-star will dance each week, but they will always remain in the pool of possible partners.

Why is the show making these changes to Season 7? Nigel answered, “We do a tour and we can’t ever really re-invest in our dancers. We try and bring some of them back as choreographers, but to be able to do this and use our own stars I think was a fabulous idea. So the only reason we’re doing it now is the fact that it’s a great idea that no one’s really thought of before. I’m so excited by it, to be frank.” Another goal of the new format is that with only 10 competitors, we’ll get to know the new finalists even better. Also, the dancer will be showed off well, since they’ll be partnered by an expert in each genre.

The finale will be a little different this season. Instead of a Top 4 or Top 6 competing for the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer,” just two or three will dance. Nigel explained, “They’ll be partnering up with the all stars all season long up until the finale, when we go back to the original format, where they dance with each other, dance solos, and so on.”