Odd and Random SYTYCD – 5/24/10

Courtney Galiano talks to NY Daily News about her first stint on SYTYCD, being an All-Star and what she did between her SYTYCD experiences.

Paula Abdul will serve as Got to Dance‘s lead judge, likely against the 10th season (and the first without Simon Cowell) of American Idol. SYTYCD is mentioned in the 3rd paragraph and Dancing with the Stars in the last.

Mary Murphy talks about the changes in her SYTYCD role and I swear it’s like she’s talking directly to John when she says,

“I would like to come back as a permanent judge … if the fans want me back.” However, she said that while she realizes some people “can’t stand my scream or my enthusiasm, I’m never going to change who I am.”

Jewelry designer Geraldine Fenn describes her favorite t.v. show, SYTYCD – except her description is way off now that everything has changed. But I loved reading this part:

“It’s the elimination part that is the most enjoyable.”

That’s my least favorite part.

Go listen to and rate Courtney Galiano’s song!! She’s performing as Chlod.

Check out Zap2it.com’s smackdown between SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars. They compare them side by side in terms of judges, hosts, choreographers, career boost ability, drama, watchability, etc. Wonder who won? I won’t tell – you have to check it out!