The Twist – Emilie’s Prediction/Suggestion

So, in my Odd and Random – 5/21/10 post, I linked to an interview with some of the All-Stars where Lauren predicted that the SYTYCD powers-that-be still had some surprises in store for everybody, including the All-Stars themselves. I hinted that I had an idea of what one such twist could be.

I know for sure a lot of you will hate this idea. Let’s see if some of you love it.

What if…

What if the contestants/All-Stars were required to re-dance one of the All-Stars’ iconic dances.

This is what I mean by this.

One week, Twitch and his partner have to re-dance “Mercy,” choreographed by Mia Michaels –

And his former partner, Comfort and her NEW partner re-dance “Forever,” choreographed by Dave Scott –

Neil and his partner re-dance “Sweet Dreams,” choreographed by Mandy Moore –

Meanwhile, Lauren and a new partner re-dance “Night of the Dancing Flame,” choreographed by Wade Robson –

And maybe Dominic and a new contestant re-dance “Ain’t No Sunshine,” choreographed by Tony & Melanie –

Allison might re-dance “Why,” choreographed by Tyce Diorio with a new partner –

Kathryn might re-dance “2 Steps,” choreographed by Stacey Tookey with a new contestant –

Another week, Courtney and her partner have to re-dance “The Garden,” choreographed by Sonya –

Meanwhile, Mark and his partner would have to re-dance “Bleeding Love,” choreographed by Nappytabs –

Anya and a new partner might re-dance “You and Me,” choreographed by Hunter Johnson –

And Pasha and a new contestant might re-dance “In the Morning,” choreographed by Dave Scott –

Or Ade might dance “This Woman’s Work, also choreographed by Tyce Diorio, with a new partner –

P.S. If you hate the idea of “iconic performances” being re-danced, watch this clip of Charlie and Robbie of SYTYCD UK doing Tyce’s “This Woman’s Work.” It was performed by Charlie and Robbie not too long after Melissa and Ade and it still managed to move me:

I guess this last one also counts as a Cross Country Comparison, a la Marianya.

And P.S.S. Check out this video that some amateur (high school?) dancers did replicating Chelsea and Mark’s “Bleeding Love” performance. I love that SYTYCD influences folks like this!