SYTYCD – Kathryn McCormick & Ellenore Scott Boogie Zone Community Class Interview, Dance Routine & Choreography Video

Note: I have been posting a lot of posts on here and haven’t been receiving any feedback. I have tons of videos I would like to share of past contestants that you may not seen and have been really disappointed that all of the work I have done in the past 3 months I haven’t been receiving any comments on this mater. This may be my last post if this happens again. I have told John about it and he does agree on this matter as well.

I have put lots of hard work on SYTYCD Australia updates & news and trying to get home right on time to watch and recap SYTYCDA when it was on this year and many troubles trying to put the posts up on time (especially on the days when I put them up I only had an hour of internet time due to dance classes) and trying to find episodes on the show because people have requested for it when I did this I got no comments. I was really disappointed for this matter and have decided to no longer post on Pure anymore. I have given this 1 more go and if it does happen again I will not be able to post any more exclusives on this site again