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Cat Deeley – Jimmy Kimmel Live 26th May 2010 Full Interview

With a huge response with the Cat Deeley interview with the LA Times yesterday I thought I’ll post this as well

May 27, 2010 I Written By

SYTYCD Season 7 Premiere Thoughts

Wow, what an episode! I’m still reeling, to be honest, but I want to post my thoughts while they’re still fresh.

-I’m with Amanda and our commenter Kevin: I’m so glad the majority of the episode focused on the good dancing instead of the bad. I hate watching bad auditions (though, guess it’s only fair that we witness a fraction of what the judges must see). Especially since they’ll be whittled down to a Top 10 before we can bond with them, I’m glad we have this extra bit more time with them now. But HOW will the judges pick just 10? As Kevin also said, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to do it. BUT, I do hope that they change the rules so that whoever makes the Top 24/20/whatever get to compete again. It’s only fair.

-The music was incredible tonight. Loved hearing Sam Sparrow’s “Back & Gold” Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Bonus Track Version) - Black & Gold again (I always do), but there were several new (to me) songs I just had to have, like Rebecca Sayre’s “New Girl” Rebecca Sayre - New Girl - New Girl and Damien Rice’s “All Dressed Up (Prague)” Damien Rice - O (Deluxe Version) - Eskimo (w/hidden tracks "Prague" and "Silent Night"). Our readers have been INCREDIBLY helpful tonight in naming the music!

-LOVED seeing Mia back! And Sonya and Jason Gikison! But what was with all the crying? Okay, okay, I got it each time it happened. I just seemed to happen a lot. But, that’s probably a good thing… just not when we’re cutting down to 10 and I’m attached to everybody.

-Cat was adorable – she always is! I have to say, I don’t like that she avoided asking, “are you nervous to be here because you’re a “bigger” dancer than typical? She asked the contestant (Megan Carter?) what she was nervous about, naming several possibilities, but never voiced the one we all knew was affecting Megan. BUT, it was only a slight dissatisfaction on my part. Her wonderful interviews more than made up for it.

Those are just a few. WHat do you think? What are your Premiere Thoughts for Season 7?

I Written By interview with Cat Deeley

another article popped up this morning with the adorable Cat Deeley talking about the epicness that is going to be season 7. She mentioned one new change that I don’t think I’d seen about this season. Here’s the quote: What else is in store for the new season?
Deeley: Before we would prerecord the performance show and then go live on the results show, but this year we’re actually going live with both shows. Basically anything can happen and it will. Just from experience there’s always going to be those moments where something’s going to go wrong or a piece of scenery is going to come down. No matter what happens, mistakes can happen, accidents, but whatever happens as long as you deal with it in the right way, the audience will love to see it. It feels as though they’re part of the gang; it makes it very real.

I think this is a really good idea and I think Cat explains it really well. I’m counting down…t-2.5 hours here out west! hope you east coasters are having fun!! yay season 7!!

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SYTYCD Season 7 Premiere Episode Music

Tonight, I need y’all’s help. I’ll probably be running late from work and the audition episodes are always hard. So, if you’re a human jukebox like Marianya or have a Midomi or are just a know-it-all, feel free to chime in in the comments. I’ll flesh out the music list from your comments and my own finds, so keep checking back!!!

SYTYCD Season 6 Premiere Music List

New York Auditions

Opening song: Jimmy James “Fashionista” – Jimmy James - Jamestown - Fashionista

Future of the Left “Arming Eritrea” – Future of the Left - Travels With Myself and Another - Arming Eritrea

Waiting in line: Kill Hannah “New York City Speed” – Kill Hannah - Wake Up the Sleepers - New York City Speed

Waiting in line: Alicia Keys’s “Empire State of Mind Broken Down” – Alicia Keys - The Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version) - Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down Straight from my list of predicted Season 7 Music Two cool points for me!

Some classical with violins – Vitamin String Quartet “Hallelujah” – Vitamin String Quartet - The Magnificent Seven Series: The String Quartet Tribute to Paramore [EP] - Hallelujah Thanks to commenter Courtney for pointing this one out. I thought I recognized it! Thanks, Courtney!

Sarah  Brinson (amazing, “big” dancer/Charlize Theron) interview – Rebecca Sayre “New Girl” – Rebecca Sayre - New Girl - New Girl Thanks Marianya!

Sarah Brinson audition: Ben E. King “Stand By Me” –Ben E. King - Ben E. King: Anthology - Stand by Me

Giselle Peacock and Henry Byalikov (Burn the Floor dancers) audition: Fulanito “Chillando Goma” – Fulanito - Fulanito: Greatest Hits - Chillando Goma Thanks to our reader Ryan for this find!!

Mike Perlman: Dead or Alive “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” – Dead or Alive - Rip It Up - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Marianya said this version is by a band called Orgy, but they’re not on iTunes (that I can see), so enjoy the Dead or Alive version.

Bad dancing montage: (“everybody’s doing what they shouldn’t be doing, everybody’s moving…”) Electric 6 “Improper Dancing” – Electric Six - Fire - Improper Dancing

Teddy Tedholm (crazy pants from last season, suit this season): Damien Rice “All Dressed Up” – Damien Rice - O (Deluxe Version) - Eskimo (w/hidden tracks "Prague" and "Silent Night") Our reader Anestazia pointed out that it’s a hidden track called “Prague” on the cd “O”. Thanks, Anestazia!

Good dancing montage (Briana De Falco, Daniel Baker): Either Devotchka’s “Queen of the Surface Streets” – DeVotchKa - Una Volta - Queen of the Surface Streets or “How It Ends” – DeVotchKa - How It Ends - How It Ends or “The Winner Is” – DeVotchKa & Mychael Danna - Little Miss Sunshine - The Winner Is depending on who you talk to. But, clearly, Devotchka. 🙂 The winner is…”The Winner Is,” but I’m gonna leave the other links up so you can enjoy.

Scott Vogel (biohazard/cereal bar guy looking for a date): Madison Cowboy & DJ Robbie & Fabby T “Last Night” – Madison Cowboy & DJ Robbie - Last Night Version 2010 (Line Dance Party) - Single - Last Night (Line Dance Party) [feat. Dj Robbie & Fabby T] {Version 2010}

Chris “Isolock” Dixon (striped shirt & hat): Boys Noise “Let’s Buy Happiness” – Boys Noize - Oi Oi Oi - Let's Buy Happiness according to reader Jojodi.

Choreography round: Lady GaGa “Bad Romance” –Lady GaGa - Bad Romance - Single - Bad Romance

[Marianya’s Addendum 9th June]
Jamie Greco’s pre-audition interview: “Goodbye Horses” by William Garvey & Q Lazzarus Garvey - Goodbye Horses - The Garvey Remixes (feat. Q Lazzarus) - EP - Goodbye Horses

Jamie Greco (makes horror movies, wore a fruit hat): Jermaine Stewart “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” – Jermaine Stewart - Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off

Hit the floor montage (dancers falling): Ray Charles “Mess Around” – Ray Charles - Ray Charles - Mess Around

Wadi Jones (ran up walls, etc) Interview song: Rob Dougan “Clubbed to Death” – Rob Dougan - Furious Angels - Clubbed to Death according to our reader, Icka.

[Marianya’s Addendum]
Wadi Jones’ Audition Song: ??

Anthony Burrell (in a 2-person “good dancing” montage): Chris Brown “Fallin’ Down” – Chris Brown - Graffiti (Deluxe Version) - Fallin Down Thanks to our commenter Erin for correcting my kinda desperate guess (lol, Space Cowboy’s “Falling Down” Space Cowboy & Chelsea - Digital Rock Star - Falling Down).

Megan Davis (the other in the “good dancing” montage): Kate Nash “Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash - Made of Bricks (Bonus Track Version) - Nicest Thing LOVE this song!

Edward Spots (from New Orleans!! tried out last season, crazy legs, Alvin Ailey): haven’t found yet

Megan Carter (“thicker” dancer who admires Mia): pretty sure it’s Destani Wolf’s “7th Heaven,” which isn’t on iTunes. I think it was created to replace an audition song they couldn’t get cleared. Check out her website, here:
[Marianya’s Addendum] If you guys go to the link and scroll further down the page, there is a “Featured Video” provided of Megan Carter’s audition with a caption notating that Destani’s vocals were for her audition.

Miami Auditions

Montage: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool “Dance the Way I Feel” – Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance the Way I Feel - Dance the Way I Feel Thanks to our commenter R2 for naming this song!

Michael Petr (German inspired to dance by “Dirty Dancing”) interview: Eric Carmen “Hungry Eyes” – ERIC CARMEN - Dirty Dancing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Hungry Eyes

Michael Petr audition: Kelly Clarkson “Walk Away” – Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Walk Away

Michael Petr yes to Vegas: Bill Medly and Jennifer Warner “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - Dirty Dancing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - (I've Had) The Time of My Life (also from “Dirty Dancing,” of course)

Beach montage: Gloria Estafan “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” – Starlite Karaoke - Karaoke: Gloria Estafan - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You ?

Tyrell Rolle (from Liberty City, black guy with crazy hat and glasses) interview segment: DJ Khaled “B*tch I’m from Dade County” – DJ Khaled featuring Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, C-RiDE, Flo Rida, Brisco, Dre & Trina - We the Best - Bitch I'm from Dade County ? Is that a weird guess?

Tyrell Rolle 2nd interview song: Ryan Calhoon “Who We Are” – Ryan Calhoun - Everything That I'm Not - Who We Are Thanks again, Marianya, I LOVE this song! Had never heard it!

Tyrell Rolle audition song: Sam Sparro “Black and Gold” – Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Bonus Track Version) - Black & Gold One of my favorites!!!

Henry Rivera (student who freaked out): Richard Walters “The Animal” – Richard Walters - The Animal (Bonus Track Version) - The Animal Thanks to our commenter Nicole for this amazing find!

Daria (Darla?) Koplova (danced with father): Michael Buble “Feeling Good” – Michael Bublé - It's Time - Feeling Good

Ami Aguiar-Riley (6 year old who did the robot): The Postal Service “The District Sleeps Alone” – The Postal Service - Give Up - The District Sleeps Alone

Candace Craig (part of a singing/dancing group, “too sexy” with the boobage): Pussycat Dolls “Right Now” – The Pussycat Dolls - PCD - Right Now

Rose Neptune (danced with a partner, both awkward): Jennifer Lopez “Let’s Get Loud” – Jennifer Lopez - On the 6 - Let's Get Loud

Bad dancing montage: DJ Sightless “Murder on the Dance Floor” – DJ Sightless - 100 Ultimate Dance Hits - Murder On the Dancefloor As suggested by our writer Amanda. I had to guess at the artist. 🙂
[Marianya’s Addendum] Thanks to the artist Dirty Vici, it’s verified that the song used is his version. Please visit his website to learn more about this artist and to listen to his music! Unfortunately there’s no iTunes or Amazon link to this song. 🙁 so we’re keeping the DJ Sightless version for your listening enjoyment.

CSI spoof montage to the CSI Miami theme song: The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – The Who - Who's Next - Won't Get Fooled Again

Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz (thinks he’s better than Legacy, in a sweet way): LTD “Love to the World” – L.T.D. - L.T.D.: Greatest Hits - Love to the World

Next episode will be the L.A./Chicago auditions. I’m so excited! But I need a big ole rest after tonight’s excitement!

Here’s a link to the initial schedule I posted before – up to the Top 10, for y’all’s information.

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SYTYCD Season 7 PREMIERE! Discussion Thread

Can you tell I’m excited? Are you excited? Here’s a place for ALL your thoughts about tonight’s episode – the first of crazy wonderful Season 7.

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SYTYCD 7 Promo featuring the All Stars!

I have no idea if this has been posted yet. I don’t recall seeing it, and even if it’s already posted it’s worth seeing it again.

Remember the articles that Emilie posted… the All Star Promo pic and the article that comes with it? Well here’s the vid that ties with all that.

The SYTYCD Season 7 Promo featuring the All Stars!

Ok, now I’m officially excited.

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