*spoilers: Top Ten for SYTYCD S7*

hey guys! I’m taking a break from studying for finals so I thought I’d post! big props to our friends over at SYTYCDism, they’ve uncovered the top 10 for season 7!

*spoilers after the jump*

there’s a catch, according to their post, it’s actually going to be a top 11, with 6 boys and 5 girls. here they are, in no particular order:

1. Christina Santana (salsa)
2. Melinda Sullivan (tap)
3. Alexie Agdeppa (jazz)
4. Lauren Froderman (contemporary)
5. Ashley Galvan (lyrical)

1. Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz (breaking)
2. Billy Bell (contemporary)
3. Alex Wong (ballet)
4. Kent Boyd (contemporary)
5. Robert Roldan (contemporary)
6. Adé Chiké Torbert (contemporary)

we’ll obviously have a better sense of the judges’ reasons for choosing who they did once the Vegas episodes start (tonight!) but I have some quick thoughts.

-really glad to see both Alex Wong AND Billy Bell. Nigel made a big to-do in a couple of interviews about only having chose one of them. Now we know that’s not the case. They’re both so talented, it will be a treat to see them both.

-as much as I was put off by “Full Deck” the breaker at his audition, now that I know he’s in the top 11, I’m intrigued to see how his Vegas week went. Something must have clicked…the same goes for Lauren Froderman. She had quite an audition last night. I thought her tricks were impressive but there was something very odd about the whole routine. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Regardless, she beautiful and seems to have a fun personality so I’m really interested to see how she did in Vegas.

-we got to meet Robert Roldan tonight, he was beautiful. He might have had the longest arms I’ve ever seen, and they were so strong, haha. Looking forward to seeing him in Vegas. He’s one of Channing Cooke (S6) roommates, seems like a cool guy.

-One guy whose audition stood out to me from last night was Adrian Lee. I LOVED him! Not to repeat everything that the judges said last night, but he had incredible power in his jumps and spins and the control was insane. I know they put him straight through to Vegas and I was disappointed to see him not in the top.

-I’m glad to see Kent Boyd in the top. I thought he was adorable last night and he danced with a ton of heart. It was interesting to see him dancing to the Billy Porter song that Mia used in S3 with Lacey and Neil in the routine about her dad, in that sense I understood where the judges were coming from. The movements needed to be a bit softer to go along with the song. But SYTYCD is so much about personality and Kent just seems like a great kid.

-LOVED Christina and Alexie. Wow are they eye catching dancers. I know everyone had been upset that Alexie didn’t make top 20 for season 6, but I definitely think she improved.

-looking at this list of 11, 5 came from the Chicago/LA auditions

-sad to see the Tyrell Rolle didn’t make it (from the Miami auditions) he was beautiful

-correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time in any of the seasons that we haven’t had a dancer who does strictly hip hop (guy or girl)? Any theories on why that is?

okay, my study break’s over. Comment away!