Who Wants to Talk Emmys?!!

So I know that the Emmy nominations don’t come out for another month, but Mollee Gray tweeted yesterday that her waltz with Jakob was nominated (I think she meant it’s been submitted for a nomination) but it got me thinking, for as much flack as seasons 5 and 6 have gotten in comparison to the first 4 seasons, there have been some incredible pieces that deserve recognition. Since 5 and 6 occurred during the same television season, there will most likely be a combination of nominations for both. Here are the pieces I’d love to see nominated:

Jason and Jeanine “If It Kills Me” Travis Wall-this was Travis’s coming out party as a choreographer, with Jeanine and Jason as the hosts.

Jakob and Kathryn “At This Moment” Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson-it was a crime that these 2 legends weren’t nominated in season 4 for Imagine with Katee and Will, good thing they hit the jackpot again with Kathryn and Jakob. As with Imagine, there was no backstory, but you don’t need one, the dancing speaks for itself.

Kayla and Kupono “Gravity” Mia Michaels-the perfect storm: dancers+choreographer+music. more than many others, this is a piece I think people will remember for a long time.

Jakob and Ellenore “Tore My Heart” Sonya Tayeh-this was Sonya’s coming out party. perfect music that created opportunities for great images from Jakob and Ellenore.

Kayla and Max “Jum Ba Day” Louis Van Amstel-nobody expected Kayla to come out and nail a ballroom routine week 1, but kudos to her, she killed it. I’ve watched Louis a lot on DWTS, but I think this was some of his best work.

Ellenore and Ryan “Razzle Dazzle” Spencer Liff-anybody who reads our site knows how much I love Spencer Liff. After a misfire with Karen and Kevin, he came back strong with this one.

Jonathan and Karla “Falling Slowly” Stacey Tookey-my wildcard pick, I’m not sure how many people remember this number, it was early in season 5, but it’s one of my favorites. Jonathan and Karla have great chemistry and the movements suited their bodies very well.

Janette and Brandon “Ruby Blue” Wade Robson-quintessential Wade, quirky and original. Brandon and Janette were perfect for these parts, a little nutty but very precise in their movements.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, do you agree or disagree? Any that I missed?