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Shawn McDonald in regards to “Hope”

So there was this one song that Haylee Durbin danced to at the Dallas Auditions that everyone wanted… eventually it was determined by commentor Jonathan to be a Shawn McDonald song.

I decided to send Shawn a letter a la Emilie to Dave Tweedie in hopes to gain some additional information.

Unfortunately, in this case… we are not able to gain a free mp3 download. However what was told to use is the following:

It was Shawn’s song but unfortunately it’s not yet available for purchase. The label has the completed record and we’re hoping for an early 2011 release, if not sooner.

So, we have to sit and be patient til next year for a copy of the song. 🙁 But gaining a response is better than none at all I would think?

June 8, 2010 I Written By

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Jeanine Mason In “Understudy” Film

SYTYCDism posted the news that Jeanine Mason will be working on a film the next couple weeks called, “Understudy.” Here’s a short description and picture from the Understudy website:

UNDERSTUDY is a University of Southern California graduate thesis film about an understudy dancer fighting to be number one in a hit Los Angeles dance show.

Jeanine also offered this really fun tweet:
“I’m very excited to be acting anddd dancing in the film. Back in heels and trying to keep up w the insane ballroom & salsa dancers!!”

Jeanine’s tweets are just like she was in person. Totally real. We’ll be looking forward to the video when it comes out Jeanine. Enjoy your summer vacation!

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