*Official* SYTYCD S7 Top 10 Dancers

This whole thing is a spoiler, especially for those West Coast folks. Sooooo, only click if you’re ready to know…


So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Top 10
SYTYCD Season 7 Girls
Alexie Agdeppa
Lauren Froderman
Ashley Galvan
Cristina Santana
Melinda Sullivan

SYTYCD Season 7 Guys
Billy Bell
Kent Boyd
Robert Roldan
Jose Ruiz
AdΓ©chikΓ© Torbert
Alex Wong

That’s right! In a twist-laden season, we have another – a Top 11 instead of a Top 10!!!

Who are your favorites? Let’s go ahead and add a poll to see who you’re excited about so far. Then, maybe we’ll do another after the Showcase and see if your opinions change.

[6.10.10 a.m. update, from the Fox site