SYTYCD 7: “A Chorus Line” remake

So after Wednesday night’s emotional episode… there’s been some teasing and talking of Kent Boyd’s monologue being reminiscent of Paul’s monologue from “A Chorus Line”…

If you don’t remember… here’s Emilie’s comment with Paul’s monologue from the documentary: Every Little Step.

So that got us thinking… who else from the Top 24 prior to cutting it down to the Top 10/11 would fit the classic characters of the iconic musical? Granted we could go through all seven seasons now… but let’s keep it narrow for now… and then later we’ll do an ultimate “A Chorus Line” modernization… ๐Ÿ™‚

Now… the following modernization of the iconic roles (as noted by Wikipedia) throws gender placing right out the window… ๐Ÿ™‚ just a fair warning. Also feel free to put in your own suggestions for the characters… and keep in mind that we’re using the dancers and choreographers from the current season of SYTYCD.

[Note: This post was originally written by Emilie many millennia ago (ok maybe a year ago) and has been hijacked and updated by Marianya]

Zach the Director – Nigel Lythgoe
– imperious, authoritarian, very business-like, a perfectionist, but does have a sense of humor

Larry the Assistant – take your pick of any of the other choreographers (though Marianya prefers Toni Redpath, and that’s primarily because of Billy Bell’s nickname for her).

Don Kerr – Sergei Onik
– Don strikes me as a settled man, and is practical in a sense… he has a maturity to him and his personality is also a bit more mature… So of all the guys that we know, things narrows it down to Sergei and Anthony Burrell… in the end I chose Sergei

Maggie Winslow – Ryan Ramirez
– she is the sweet heart, the one that you can’t help but love

Mike Costa – Melinda Sullivan
– Mike is the tapper of the group (according to the stage version) and aggresive in ways but he is also a balanced performer

Connie Wong – Alexie Agdeppa
– a ball of energy and personality… who else would fit

Greg Gardner
– an older dancer, he’s been around the block and back, but he doesn’t grow up, necessarily… a kid at heart

Cassie Ferguson – Alex Wong
– was the director favorite, she has impeccable technique and can be called upon to make solos her own, but has some trouble being “normal” because she’s just so wonderful

Sheila Bryant – Billy Bell
– brassy yet likeable, experienced and brilliant dancer

Bobby Mills
– a jokester, light hearted personality

Bebe Benzenheimer – Anthony Burrell
– insecure about who they are but puts on a bravado and a confidence

Judy Turner – Adrian Lee
– a bit quirky, a bit gawky, and funny

Richie Walters – Adechike Torbert
– incredible dancer, and enthusiastic, though at times he either hits well above the bar or well below

Al DeLuca – Jose Ruiz
– the self-taught dancer, he works hard to get where he’s at and knows that he can be as good as and probably better than the best

Kristine DeLuca (nee Urich)
– a bit scattered brained

Val Clark – Lauren Froderman
– dances with a sexuality and sensuality that isn’t easily ignored.. though her other assets are a prop too

Mark Anthony – Ashley Galvan
– fresh faced, and youthful

Paul San Marco – Kent Boyd
– a dancer that just didn’t seem to fit in, and doesn’t quite believe in his own talent

Diana Morales – Cristina Santana
– a fighter… and in many ways a foreigner

Other dancers from the stage show:

– never had ballet training

– a ballerina


– has a bit of an attitude

Tom – Robert Roland
– though a dancer, has done sports as well

– bit unsure of himself, insecure in his dance ability

ADDENDUM: Ever since the comments Margaret spoke of Tyce Diorio’s Mein Herr routine… I figured I’ll upload a photo of the routine that I personally think was a very good Broadway routine for Tyce.