*Top 11 Spoilers*

Happy Monday everybody! Our good friends over at SYTYCDISM have uncovered the spoilers for the first performance show!

*spoilers after the jump*

contestant on the left, all-star on the right

Billy & Lauren – Broadway – Tyce Diorio
This should be fun. Lauren is Tyce’s go-to girl so it’s no surprise that she’s the first all-star dancing in one of his numbers. Billy’s a star in the making, and I think he’s really going to take advantage of his 2nd chance on the show.
Alex & Allison – Jazz – Sonya Tayeh
Interesting pair. Both brilliant technicians, no doubt about it. Sonya wasn’t a choreographer on the show during Allison’s season so I’m really intrigued to see the two of them working together. The thing with Alex is character and expression. During the Top 11 + All-Stars number last week, I felt like he was trying too hard.
Ashley & Neil – Contemporary – Tyce Diorio
For me, this one is kind of a toss-up. I haven’t seen Ashley dancing enough to get a sense of her as a performer. Last week, she and Courtney looked so much alike (skin tone, hair color/length, height) and the camera was moving around so much that I started to get them mixed up. Neil was great in “Mein Herr” (link below) Tyce’s top 4 routine during S3, so he will kill it, for sure, and it would be great to see Ashley keep up with him.
Adéchiké & Kathryn – Contemporary/Jazz – Travis Wall
Ahhhh, now this is a pair to get excited about. Travis didn’t get to choreograph Kathryn last season, and adding Adéchiké to the mix should be really cool combination. My hope for Adéchiké is that his confidence stays up. He’s a beautiful dancer (see: dance for his life solo in Vegas) and I think Kathryn will be a great partner for him, much as she was for Legacy last year.
Cristina & Mark – Jazz – Sonya Tayeh
Hmmm…another interesting one. Mark and Sonya back together is fabulous, they basically speak the same language of dance. Christina really held her own during contemporary in Vegas, but Travis and Sonya are very different choreographers. Fingers crossed for her.
Lauren & Ade – Contemporary – Mandy Moore
This could be a very cool pair. They’re very different dancers and I think Mandy could do for them what she did for Sabra and Neil during S3’s Table Dance/Business Deal. Mixing their mutual athleticism with Ade’s spinning skills/Lauren’s personality and it could be a great combo.
Robert & Courtney – African Jazz? – Sean Cheesman
Yesss, I LOVE Sean Cheesman. This could be so awesome. They’re both very good technical dancers, and I would love to see them get down and dirty with this number. The number from Courtney’s season that I’m thinking of is her Indiana Jones routine with Gev (link below). Afro Jazz really propelled Russell and Noelle last season, let’s see if it can do the same for Robert.
Jose & Comfort – Hip Hop – NappyTabs
Even I could have predicted this one was going to happen. I think this will be good for Jose, to get one more piece under his belt that’s in his style, to make him feel more confident, especially being the only “hip-hop” dancer in the top 11. I’d love to see something like Comfort and Mark’s “Kids in Detention” number (link below), cool moves with a lot of personality.
Kent & Anya – Ballroom – Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
This is an interesting one too. Kent has a great teacher in Anya, I think she will do a lot to help him. And Tony and Melanie have been pretty consistent in their routines. I think this will definitely be a test for Kent, can he be that leading man?
Alexie & Twitch – Hip Hop – NappyTabs
Ooo I like this. Twitch brings so much personality to his hip hop, and he always hits it hard. I think Alexie will be great personality/humor-wise, and I hope she can keep up with him. He’s a big guy and she’s not very big, so her movements are going to have to be extra sharp.
Melinda & Pasha – Ballroom – Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin
Can I switch places with Melinda? I want to dance with Pasha! I’m not entirely sure what to think about this one. Like Kent, Melinda has a great leader in Pasha, I think he will be a very good teacher for her. But also like Kent, Melinda has to be able to stand out with her technique, otherwise she will get overshadowed in the performance. I have confidence in her; I think she’s be able to do it.

Mein Herr

Kids At Detention

Indiana Jones/Lost in the Jungle

Okay, there are my thoughts. I’d love to hear from you guys. What do you think about performance show #1?!