Are Ashley Galvan and Neil Haskell in Love?

Okay, so probably it’s a case of *very* good chemistry and good acting (I wouldn’t be surprised at all that Neil was just *that* good), but there’s something about that Ashley/Neil performance that had me thinking and has kept me thinking.

K. For me, I noticed the chemistry right away. And Neil’s face when he drops Ashley down toward the ground, the way he watched her as she lay back – that got me thinking. Then, he held her for a really long time when they were finished and seemed *very* and I mean VERY reluctant to walk away.

And then… and then… Ashely was asked if she’d ever been in love and she said, “As a matter of fact, I think I am.”


When the judges were talking to her, she still seemed so moved and I was completely intrigued, still moved myself by that routine, but how affected both she and Neil seemed by it. He didn’t seem to want to walk off the stage at the end.

So, Marianya was watching it just after me and I waited for her to watch it. Sure enough, she messaged me:

Marianya (9:02:50 PM): ashley’s in love with neil?!?!?!?
Me (9:03:06 PM): that’s waht i’m thinking…
Me (9:03:12 PM): i didn’t want to say anyting
Me (9:03:15 PM): i wanted to see what you thought
Me (9:03:19 PM): what makes you think neil?
Me (9:03:24 PM): did you see his face when he walked away?????
Marianya (9:03:25 PM): what ashley said
Marianya (9:03:30 PM): “i think i am now”
Me (9:03:47 PM): it doesn’t have to be neil, but it kinda seems like it…
Me (9:03:51 PM): did you see his face????
Marianya (9:03:53 PM): you’re right
Me (9:03:53 PM): rewind!!!!
Marianya (9:03:54 PM): i think i am
Me (9:03:56 PM): woman, rewind!!!
Marianya (9:04:29 PM): ooooo
Marianya (9:04:36 PM): he held her a VERY LONG time
Marianya (9:04:45 PM): i’m watching that again
Marianya (9:04:47 PM): and again
Marianya (9:04:48 PM): and again
Me (9:05:04 PM): lol
Me (9:05:05 PM): πŸ™‚
Me (9:05:10 PM): what if they fell in love in like 3 days?
Me (9:05:15 PM): or maybe he’s just a really good actor
Me (9:05:18 PM): but what IFFFFFF?
Marianya (9:05:23 PM): that’s what i thought tooo
Marianya (9:05:40 PM): here’s the thing
Marianya (9:05:58 PM): at first glance i was thinking, “wow very nice chemistry”
Marianya (9:06:13 PM): and he was holding her for a long time and i thought “well they must have been friends for a while”
Marianya (9:06:27 PM): and then didn’t think anything of it until that line
Marianya (9:06:35 PM): then i’m like, “say wuh?!?!?”

So, what do y’all think? Are we seeing too much into great chemistry, great acting and a great routine? Or, is something going on here, between Ashley and Neil. Could they be another Janette and Jason?

[Lunchtime update: Well, thanks to our reader John (see comments) and to Korbi for getting to the bottom of this. I guess Neil is just *that* good of an actor and they were both extremely moved by the performance, by the moment. Check out the video below, it’s adorable: