SYTYCD S7 Top 11 Results Thoughts

I’m going to post my thoughts AS the show is happening so SPOILER…

Seriously. Only read this if you like to know what’s coming.

-Love Cat’s tartan dress! She’s so stylish!
-This group routine is awesome. Whoa! Jose really just stood out to me with his one-handed handstand. And then Melinda got a bit of a solo there. I wonder how come those two got solos. Not that I’m complaining, they rocked.

-That was Teesandra Chavez’s first time choreographing for the show. She did a great job. I wonder if she choreographed for any of the other versions of the show? Sometimes they introduce choreographers as “new” if they’ve never been on the U.S. show, even if they’ve choreographed for another show.

-Nigel tells everybody about Nappytabs’s Dance Day choreography, and Cat asked if it was easy enough that she could do it. Lol. Then…it kinda sounded like Cat was promising to dance on Dance Day, July 31st, though she did warn us that we might bleed from the eyes. Yay!!! I wanna see Cat dance!

-They don’t even pretend that Alex is in danger. Smart cause I wasn’t gonna buy it.

-Robert’s safe too! Yay!!

-It’s between Lauren and Kent, apparently. Lauren might actually be in the bottom? I predicted it, but even I didn’t really believe it…

-Despite a TON of loud fan support, Kent looks really, really serious. But, he’s safe. He freaks out and hugs Lauren, who might actually be in the Bottom 3

-Nope, just a false alarm. Probably to scare some ‘spect into her.

-They ruuuuuuuun together off stage. Guess I would, too.

-Here’s a whole new group.

-Melinda’s first – I’m not surprised she’s in the Bottom 3. I’m shocked to hear Nigel admit, “I don’t think the routine helped. It’s not a routine that encourages people to vote.” (slight paraphrase). Which gets me thinking…am I imaging that Tony/Melanie routines tend to get people placed in the Bottom 3? I’ll have to look into that.

-Billy’s safe, of course. I looooved seeing Lauren beaming int he audience. Cute.

-Ashley gets a recap, then Alexie gets a recap. Apparently, it’s between the two of them. This makes me sad. I like both of them, but also, I didn’t predict either of them to be in the Bottom 3. 🙂

-Alexie’s in the bottom. Mia says, “Now it’s time to download,” to explain that she has to incorporate everything that she’s witnessed and learned.

-Jose is recapped first. I can barely pay attention because Cristina looks so worried standing next to him that I think she’s going to pass out. But he’s safe.

-Cristina goes from worried to terrified. Adechike looks pretty freaked, as well, but it’s Cristina in the bottom. I was expecting her to be in the bottom, but it was kinda awful to watch regardless. She kinda looked like a virgin sacrifice going to her doom.

-Wow, those lifts in the “Come Fly Away”/Twyla Tharp/Karine Plantadit and Keith Roberts routine, especially that first slow one up from the floor.

-So while I put Lauren in the Bottom 3 and it was Alexie instead, I did predict an all girl Bottom 3. The three of them dance their solos. I like Melinda best, but I think Alexie gives the best performance. Melinda and Cristina were both kinda one-dimensional, in my opinion.

-I’m entertained by Usher’s performance and the world premiere of Justin Bieber’s song, but mostly they’re a chance for me to catch up on the music/thoughts posts I’m doing at the same time. Though, it IS cool to see all the dancers they both have backing them up.

-The judges are unanimous in their decision. I find that kinda hard to believe. Hmmm.

-Melinda’s called out first, which gives me some hope she’ll be safe. They give her their notes, then move on to Cristina. They say she was the only one who looked like she was dancing for her life. I don’t agree with that. I felt her performance was kinda desperate and flat. Alexie’s was a lot calmer. But, apparently, the judges didn’t like that and called it very “contained,” then pointed out that she has to learn how to extend her movement. Which makes me think she’ll get another chance. But, she’s cut – they say that her dancing is the most juvenile, which is bad since she’s the oldest girl.

-They want to leave her with some positive thoughts. I do like that both Adam and Mia stress that she’s going to work, that this is not the end of the road. Yet, I do think this was pretty unfair, after all her hard work to get on the show, etc. I think she had a decent performance last night and a strong solo tonight. So, it’s interesting that the one of the three girls I got wrong was the one to go. Poor Alexie.

-That’s a great song at the end, though. Turns out, it’s Black Gold’s “Shine” – Black Gold’s “Shine” – Rush