“Come Fly Away”

The new musical from choreographer Twyla Tharp. Last night we were treat to just one of the pas de duex from the show performed by Keith Roberts and Karine Plantadit. While watchimg I realized that I have seen and met these dancers before, both we apart of “Movin’ Out” another musical by Twyla. I was lucky enough to see “Movin’ Out” twice on broadway (which is where I met them a friend of mine had a connection so we were able to go backstage after the show) and I saw the tour when it came through my town. So yes Ive seen the show three times because its just that good. When I looked up “Come Fly Away” I realized the cast is made up of more than just two dancer from “Movin’ Out”. So now I really want to see “Come Fly Away” and if you are ever in New York and you love dance then go see the show. The cast is made up of incredible talented dancers and it is created by a brilliant choreographer. I found some video of Karine talking about what it take to do the show and the feature that Regis and Kelly did which includes a clip of another dance from the show and Twyla talking about how she came up with the idea. So enjoy.

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Regis and Kelly