More Info on AJ McLean’s ‘Teenage Wildlife’ Music Video

Some people would’ve noticed a couple of months ago that I posted a video of Backstreet Boy AJ McLean’s Teenage Wildlife Music video which was Written & Directed by Wade & Amanda Robson & also choreogarphed by Wade Robson.

Some people were saying that Travis Wall was in the video and I can clarify to you that yes he was featured in the video also as well as Season 7 All-Star Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss.

I managed to get the Japanese import of AJ’s album ‘All I Have’ over the weekend which came with the bonus DVD and saw the BTS video of the shoot. I tried to convert this yesterday but my laptop wont allow me to convert it because it’s stuck on R1 where the Japenese DVD is actually in Region 2 if anybody can help me find a free non-trial converting program feel free to comment.

If you haven’t seen the video here it is (I apologise that I mentioned before that Twitch was in it because I didn’t see him until I watched the video again over the weekend):