*Top 9 Performance Show Spoilers*

Hi all! So I know it’s the day of the show, but I’ve searched high and low this week for the spoilers and I finally found them! Courtesy of our fabulous friends at SYTYCDism

Adechike & Lauren G. – Hip Hop – Dave Scott
Ooooo, this one is interesting. Lauren is a better hip hop dancer than I think people realize, she had 2 hip hop routines during her season with boys who aren’t hip hop dancers (Neil and Pasha). Everyone remembers her Transformers number with Pasha, but she and Neil actually did a Dave Scott routine week 2 and did really well. Adéchiké finally has something outside of contemporary/jazz so I’m intrigued to see if he steps up to the plate. I think his key is that he needs to stop thinking about it and just perform full out.

Billy & Kathryn – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey
LOVE this pair. Bringing the two season 6 kids back together. Billy and Kathryn were actually partnered during the Meet the Top 20 show for S6. I wasn’t loving Stacey’s piece last week, so I’m hoping this one is a little stronger. They’re both beautiful technicians, and I’m hoping that Billy can learn from Kathryn and work on filling out the moments between the steps.

Ashley & Ade – Contemporary – Dee Caspary
Really, Ashley has contemporary again?! Looks like Nigel’s not going to learn anything new about her this week. Our newest choreographer, Dee Caspary, has quite an impressive resumé, having toured with New Kids on the Block and Tiffany as well as dancing in many of Paula Abdul’s videos. And considering he was born in 1975, he was about the age of many of the contestants when he was touring. I hope Ade pushes Ashley to open up emotionally because I think they’re a beautiful pair.w

Lauren F. & Neil – Broadway – Joey Dowling
I like this one, too. When Joey first started choreographing, I didn’t feel like I could connect to her. But, watching her during auditions as she watched Bryan Graynor, I felt a connection. I think she’s a great choreographer. Her piece with Mollee and Jakob last year was really clever, though I think it was hurt by their failed attempt to use “remixed” songs for each of the performances. Remixing “Easy Street” from Annie? Really? I’ve never seen Neil do Broadway, but he’s been in 2 Broadway shows since this show, and now that Lauren has a better handle on the performance aspect, I’m excited for her to be able to show her personality again.

Melinda & Pasha – Salsa – Fabian Sanchez
Wait, they’re paired together again? Weird. Well, Fabian’s a great choreographer (Youtube some of his work from DWTS) and Pasha’s just…Pasha, amazingness. This is going to be a real test for Melinda. If they catch her using her performance to cover up flaws again, I fear this is the end of the road.

Alex & Twitch – Hip Hop – Nappy Tabs
YES! They listened to the viewers!! Though, this wasn’t exactly the pair I was envisioning, haha, I’m intrigued, having never seen Twitch do hip hop with another guy before. I think he’s a great partner for Alex because they can work off each other. Alex’s biggest thing is performance, and Twitch has it in spades.

Jose & Anya – Samba – Dmitry Chaplin
Hmmmm…Anya and Dmitry together is a hot combo, and we’ll see how Jose can fit in. Samba is one of the hardest Latin dances because of the beat, and it’s difficult to pick up in such a short period of time. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Jose.

Kent & Allison/Courtney/Comfort – Jazz – ?
Well, we know that this will either be Allison or Comfort since Kent was partnered with Courtney last week. Kent and Allison doing jazz would be great, Allison’s not quite as over the top sexy as Courtney, but she’s a powerful dancer and Kent would really need to be on his toes. Kent and Comfort doing hip hop would be all sorts of…something. I really have no idea. But, I’m excited

Robert & Allison/Courtney/Comfort – ? – ?
So, this would mean that, if Kent picks Allison, Robert would have either Courtney (again) or Comfort. But, if Kent picks Comfort, Robert would have Allison or Courtney. So, he could potentially have any of these girls. Robert doing hip hop could be interesting, he hit the Afro Jazz moves really hard so that could bode well for him in hip hop. With everything else, it all depends on who he picks and what style it is.